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Trust is a thing that takes a lifetime to earn but a second to lose.


Who Am I...


Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Engaged to Ender

My Story Is...

Name: Jen Smith

Dad’s Name: Adam Smith

Mom’s Name: Jennie Smith

Age: 21


Weight: 155 lbs

Race: White

Gender: Female

Powers: Fire  and Gravity Mage, Also Shapeshifter

When I was little I lived in a large farming mansion. My family was picture perfect and very rich. Then…it was torn away…gone…taken, by some man that took my father’s will…took the kindness in his eyes and switched it was a murderous lust for both woman and blood. The screaming from the hall, being thrown into the barn…the…The whip. He wanted me to stay…to help him…but I couldn’t…At the age of 15 I dressed as a man and ran off to a cattle drive…They found me and wasted no time in giving me to my father. He whiped me and did not let my mother see me for weeks. At the age of 18 my mother could not bare seeing me like this. The only way out? The army. The way there? brutal. It was a cost i did not want to pay. My…my mother did it for me. She told me to go but I was not fast enough and had to witness my father kill my mother…single strike…one dagger. Seeing your mother laying lifeless in a field with a dagger protruding from her chest is something that you will never forget. 

Second woman in the army ever. Second female scout ever.

First mission i hid and my whole unit died…I was a coward. Never again would I waste the chance my mother gave me at the cost of her own life.

I escalated quickly in my physical ability but fell greatly in my mental state. My boyfriend tried to kill me and I could take no more. After the month of recovery that I was stuck in bed and hated I left. I started to wander and ended up in Persistence. The little of a camp i had was blown up by a plasma gun…

My Appearance

Lapis blue hair and icey blue glowing eyes. A long black cloak that reaches the ground with a black shirt that fits nicely, with black jeans that hug her hips, plus a belt which did not look to be needed considering her hips would have done the job. Tan olive skin, thick long eye lashes and the primary build of a Italian

When I am shifted to a scout my wings are 17 foot each. Each feather is navy blue and the top fading into maroon.(Scout: A person with one or more parents who are a scout and has the ability to change into the scout form ( them self with wings) Scouts are limited to Ackenu.)
 she wears her engagement ring.


Two swords, one black and the other white both heavy enough to be two handed swords but I duel weild them. Saddle packs contain loads of pictures, a change of clothes, bandages and a small container for water.

My Secrets Are...

I have PTSD, common from someone coming from the war but it hits me hard.I am depressed and suicidal.

I Believe...

I will change something..I don't know what..



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