Milla| Lukas| Iko


Just a picture of what they look like!

Left- Milla         Middle- Lukas          Right- Iko

Romantic Interests

Boys and girls!

Relationship Status

Single ( N ready to mingle!)

My Story Is...

Milla- Dream of ivy covered walls and smoky French cafes, Milla was raised in a cruel cat breeding program, but escaped when it was shut down.

Lukas- Out in the bustling wilderness, a black cat runs away from their owner. Running into a story.

Iko- A cat with a fufilled life, or so he thinks. After many confusing days, he is replaced by a dog, and tossed to the streets.

My Appearance

Milla- A brown tabby she-cat with light Spring green eyes. Her pelt contains spills of orange and red

Lukas- A pure black tom with startling yellow eyes. His left ear is scuffed from a long forgotten battle

Iko- A light grey tabby tom with mismatched eyes. The left being green, the right being blue.


Milla- A branch of a cherry blossom tree, the flowers forever in bloom. A wand of light power, of wild magic. She hides it in a rainbow pom-pom bag, which upon closer inspection is a bag of holding

Lukas- A canary that can sing songs, however only if you feed it something shiny. He’s also got a small hoard of shiny things, ranging from bobby pins to chocolate wrappers

Iko- A blue bandana with a white smily face that emits a joyous aura and a stack of Japanese seaweed crackers


I Believe...

In a fulfilled life and joy!