Jøse Cønfretta


H-hi.. Um, I’ve been sent out to cure my ‘Social Anxiety’ or whatever that is. My ‘Doctors’ Liars told me that I once tried to stage dive, but broke my neck instead.

Who Am I...

Jøse Confetta.. Who am I?

Romantic Interests

Boys and girls!

Relationship Status

Single ( N ready to mingle!)

My Story Is...

Waking in a hospital, cold and clean, I don’t remember anything. A needle in arm, I’m not ready to play again.

My Appearance

Mainly white furred, small dark purple horns on my head. The left side of my pelt is blue, the right pink, dotted with confetti like patterns.A light yellow star over my left eye, speaking of eyes, mine are mint . My tail is pink with small yellow stripes.


Sweets! And for some reason, a music sheet? And my headpiece

My Secrets Are...

I-I don’t remeber anything.. Sorry.. Love me love me not

I Believe...

That thing will truely get better