Jose Pinyati


I’m a 19 year old wizard. I love bright colours and sweets! I have a small snake called Maracco. I ‘hunt’ spirits, or just move them to other places. See you around! My magic is fairly simple, and mostly just for fun.

Who Am I...

Jose, the spirit hunter

Romantic Interests

I'm bi. I like cute girls and I like hot guys!

Relationship Status

Single ( N ready to mingle!)

My Story Is...

Jose grew up with a happy family that was torn apart by war. I come from a mexican based country called Xoxain (Zo-zain) and I just love everyone! I have an older brother (Travois) and a little sister (Malai) who I love very much!

My Appearance

Tan-ish skin, a colourful shirt and light blue eyes. A sprinkle of freckles. Shoulder length dark brown hair, and a light blue band-aid on my face.


Sweets! As well as a lot of spirit hunting gear. And my wand!

My Secrets Are...

Aww! Secrets are secrets for a reason silly!

I Believe...

That nothing should stop a determined person