Jessiah Jerusalem


The hunger of Man knows no bounds. They hunger for knowledge. They hunger for understanding. They hunger for dominance. They hunger for life. They hunger for Power. And their hunger will one day destroy their world. Man had always sought to know God. To walk with God. To BE God. Centuries ago, a division of the Church came across a discovery so profound that it would shake the very foundations of all the world if it were ever revealed. And thus they did not reveal it, instead they kept it a secret until they could use this discovery to change the world. What they found was not only the place where Jesus Christ was buried and resurrected from, but remnants of his flesh and blood, preserved by the Messiah’s own divine essence. It wasn’t until hundreds of years later, when Man had discovered the science and technology to truly manipulate genetics did they make breakthroughs. What if they could clone another Messiah? What if they could create beings with the essence, perhaps even the power of Jesus Christ? It would not mean they were trying to be God would it? No, it would mean that they were simply bringing on the second Coming of God’s mercy upon his children. That’s what they told themselves to rectify what they were doing, that’s what they told themselves to make them feel better. But like always throughout history, when man dwell in a realm they were never meant to step into, they created nothing but calamity.

After countless failures, the Church and their scientists finally created three, living, breathing, aware, clones of Jesus Christ in their Jerusalem facility. Not only where they living clones of the Messiah, they were also living embodiments of his power. The Church named them the first generation Messians, and planned to create more. The first three were called the Saint Trinity. Kinlai, the Saint of Blessings, able to bestow blessings upon others, Ysabel, the Miracle Saint, able to create Miracles similar to those of Christ from the Bible, and Jessiah, who at first showed no abnormal abilities outside of the Saint’s normal heightened physical attributes and senses. They kept Jessiah under close observation. As they readied to move forward with their project, the worst happened. The Saint Trinity began to go insane. Kinlai’s blessing began to become too powerful and ran rampant, forcing the Church to lock him away. Ysabel, who also went insane with her power was supposed to be captured, but escaped, worse it was the Forgotten ones, the past failures of the Church’s attempts at Cloning Jesus that came to her aid, making her their Queen. Her whereabouts became unknown. Jessiah, however, finally manifested his gifts from Christ in the worst possible ways. He began to show stigmata-like symptoms, his body seemingly going through all the physical trials Jesus Christ had gone through, until finally he died.

At first the Jerusalem scientists considered him a failure and prepared to dispose of his body. However, three days later Jessiah rose again, and with him he brought horror and ruin to the Jerusalem facility. It was discovered that Jessiah was the death and resurrection of Christ. When he died and rose again, he finally came into his necromantic powers. Anyone he killed rose again, empowered to a lesser extent than he. Anyone they killed, would rise again in turn, lesser empowered than the one who killed them, creating a growing wave of horror. The further down the line the death went, the less powerful they came, and the less time it took them to come back. By the Tenth generation, they leveled out becoming mindless zombies that rose again only minutes after being killed, seeking out only the death of others. Jessiah took advantage of this and used the first three generations of his curse to escape the Facility, leaving the others to scatter as they would. Like Ysabel, Jessiah disappeared to only God knows where. No matter how hard they hunted, they could not find Ysabel or Jessiah. Where was he? What was he doing? Was he plotting? Was he spreading his curse even further? No one knew but Jessiah himself. At some point they stopped being known as the Saint Trinity, instead becoming the Dragons Of Jerusalem.

Powers and Abilities:

Jessiah is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and thus his powers are very similar to those of a powerful Necromancer. He can create other Messians, by killing them and resurrecting them by bonding a part of his “holy spirit” with theirs, effectively removing them from the natural cycle of death and rebirth, anchoring them to himself.

Holy Spirit: Like his siblings he is connected to a vast network of spiritual power called the Holy Spirit. While he only controls a portion of that network, he expands his portion by killing and adding the spirits of those he kills to it.

Evolutionary resurrection: Once he is killed a certain way once, he cannot be killed the same way again after resurrecting in three days. Sounds like he’s invincible, but that won’t actually happen for a bajillion years.

Necromancy: He has the ability to animate corpses with his holy spirit, the more vast his portion of the Holy Spirit, the more corpses he can control. [Currently limited to 500 low level corpses. The less he uses, the more powerful they are.] He can also create homunculus using his blood, also animating them with his holy spirit. He can manipulate the energy released by death to power spells holy and unholy spells, himself, or his creations.

Necrosmithy: He can use the energy released by death to warp corpses into demonic weapons, armor, tools, or other objects.

Dead Soul: The ability to call upon the “memory” of a soul he has absorbed into his Holy Spirit and use their knowledge and physical abilities.

Dark Pocket: He can warp reality on a small scale to create a small pocket reality where he keeps corpses to fuel some of his other abilities, allowing him to summon them at will, kind of like having a portable graveyard.

Messiah Form: An alternate form he can take when his Holy Spirit is charged with enough soul energy, he takes on the form of an Azure fleshed, red haired, twelve winged Seraph. Staying in this form makes him more powerful, but quickly taxes his Holy Spirit. It also gives him access to the Messiah’s Blood ability.

Messiahs Blood: His most potent, and taxing ability, he is able to tap into The Blood of Christ to fuel a blood magic that allows him to use various high level destructive and defensive spells when needed. However, the more he uses it, the faster his body will expire. This ability is the only exception to his Evolutionary Resurrection ability, as it will kill him if he uses it too much and force his three days of resurrection every time. This can only be used from his Messiah Form.

Chalkyderi Dragon Form: When the Archangels hunted him down, and found that they couldn’t kill him, they instead decided to drive him insane and lock Jessiah in Tartarus, the eternal prison used to trap God’s ancient enemies until the end of time. It was there he met Sasha, the seven headed leader of the hive minded Chalkyderi, dragons who fought on the side of God during the great holy war. Casting the draconian host to the far edges of reality and trapping their leader on Tartarus forever, the Archangel Michael made sure no one would use them against Heaven. Happening upon Sasha’s prison, Jessiah sought to do just that, however, even he could not free them from their Godly prison. So he decided to kill Sasha instead, and resurrect the dragon as his own in a new form, voiding the seal of the prison. However, Sasha would not die. Removing and destroying six of the Chalkyderi’s heads, the final head would not be severed, and the dragon would not die.

In his insanity, a brilliant idea came to Jessiah. Instead of killing the dragon, he drew energy from the prison’s seal and used it to create bindings to trap the dragon, and unable to move the dragon remained bound, screaming in agony for thirteen days, and thirteen nights while Jessiah devoured him, eating him alive. Taking the dragon’s very body, and essence into himself, he gained the power he’d been seeking, and along with it, the ability to take on Sasha’s form, albeit with a single head. He could feel the rest of the Chalkyderi out there, spread across many realms, each trapped in their own prison. He had the power to find them and free them now though. In his dragon form, Jessiah has access to all of his usual abilities. He also has a black breath attack that resurrects those it obliterates.

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