Jimmy Grayson

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Healing factor: His healing factor is insanely effective healing from even the worst of injuries 

Physical: His physical strength and speed are beyond unnatural  

The rest of his powers can just about anything his sick demented mind can think off




Who Am I...

A sick monster

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My Story Is...


Even in birth, it would seem that Jimmy Grayson was destined to be evil. Upon birth his mother died leaving him with his abusive father. As he went through his childhood he was diagnosed with congenital insensitivity meaning he was not able to feel physical pain. His other mental illnesses are schizophrenia psychosis at times he is delusional. Those, of course, are only a few of his mental illnesses all of this combined with the abused he receives from his father pushed him over the edge. Which lead to one lonely rainy night while his father was passed out drunk Jimmy grabbed a knife and slit his father’s throat. As he watched his father bleed out that was when he truly knew what his calling was. From there on he spent eight years of his life training and searching for the thing the voices in his head told him to find. Now, what was it that he was told to find well after two weeks of searching he found a cult. This cult was dedicated to a long-forgotten evil deity. Once there he slaughtered every one while he was killing everyone the evil deity saw his chance and upon the death of his last follower, he made a deal with Jimmy.  The deal was if Jimmy became the deity’s champion he would be granted the powers to kill who and whatever he wanted. Of course, Jimmy accepted the deal once he was given the new powers he allowed himself to be taken into a mental asylum. This kicked off a horrible massacre leaving nobody alive he has now spent his time killing and spreading fear.

My Appearance

His hair is messy and golden in color his eyes are also golden but his black pupils are always small giving off the look of an insane person his skin is deathly pale while the skin around his eyes are purple from the lack of sleep he has three noticeable scars on his face two on his left cheek and one going up and down the right side of his lips the two on his cheek are different sizes the top one ends past his nose while the bottom one ends slightly behind his nose the only reason his healing factor did not heal them was because he had them before receiving his powers he stands at five foot seven with a slim build he only weighs one hundred and forty pounds he wears a green blood stained long-sleeved shirt a black sleeveless jacket his dirty blue jeans are torn he also wears black shoes at times he wears a white mask with a red line going down the top right corner to the bottom left corner this mask is stained with years-old blood but he usually keeps it in his black backpack  


Two combat knives one kitchen knife and two wooden hatchets 

My Secrets Are...


I Believe...

Everything will die in time