Juniper & Hazel

Who Am I...

We are the twin Archangels of Reality and magic Juniper and Hazel (Ocs)

Romantic Interests

(Juni) None yet…. (Hazel) I have a crush on a knight named Ceasar

Relationship Status

(SINGLE PRINGLE) (Bi irl and a Male at birth but genderfluid irl)

My Story Is...

A rare occurrence These twins were born to God and Have been raised by the 7 other archangels. With their talents, they were given the spheres of Reality and magic. Now they are on a quest to find their & siblings who have been gone from heaven to long.





(not a current one but a former) Lucifer

My Appearance

The twins are 5’4″ (Juni) and 5’7″ (Hazel) Beside height the only real way to tell them apart is their clothes and hair accessory which is  All black Diadem in Hazel’s hair and flowers in Juni’s. Both have mocha skin and golden eyes.

When manifesting they manifest as Pure white twin wolves


Whatever they want but they will always have their sacred tools which are (Hazel) Pump shotgun gauntlets and (Juni) A Parasol

My Secrets Are...

Well, they are Archangels so they lack the ability to keep any

I Believe...

All humans have a good side….