Det. John Evans


Born and raised in New York, in the city of Phoenicia by two people who really never had their shit together. The husband and wife seemed to be doomed to fail from the beginning, and it was not long before their marriage was desolving right before John’s eyes. But, instead of divorcing, the couple stuck it out for the kids. John and his older brother, Sam, would spend a lot of time away from home to avoid the arguments by going to Belleayre Lake and swim or watch the boats. Both boys also liked to fish. But, as it seemed the town was becoming more of a place to go for those from New York City, it became harder to enjoy the lake. Luckily for the two, there was always other spots to hang out in and waste away a weekend or an entire summer.
Sam being just a few years older, the two boys were close and Sam was more like a best friend than a brother. Their mother worked at the diner in Phoenicia and their dad was the sheriff of Ulster County. Sam didn’t mind it and even looked up to his father, but it made John intimidated since their father was always ‘bringing work home’ with him. It was one of the main reasons he fought so much with the wife.
Around the time that John was starting his senior year of high school, his father was right in the middle of one of the biggest crime waves Phoenicia ever saw. Mass killings and all done in a similar manner, which meant some crazed serial killer was on the loose. For a smalltime police station, John’s father handled it fairly well for the most part. But, it was about that time that John watched his father become worn down by the process. The older man was struggling to crack the case while trying his best to prevent any more murders from happening.
Sam had gone off to become a police officer, training at the academy which made their father incredibly proud. John was still at the crossroads of what he wanted to do with his life after high school, but felt sure his plans included college and stay as far away from police work as possible. To know that made his mother proud but disappointed his dad. His father assumed both boys were going to follow in his footsteps, but seemed John was going to do his own thing.
During the heart of the summer of 1985, John’s father would find himself so close to figuring out who the killer was. He and John had spent some time going over the case at home, and it was John that figured out it was most likely the fisherman whom he had seen numerous times while at the lake. The man seemed a tad touched in the head, and all the killings fit the M.O. of someone who dealt with fish; usually ending up gutted. His father went with his son’s notion and tracked the suspect down to an out of the way shack near the lake. He had made the mistake of going alone, but did so because he felt there was no time to waste trying to call the others and wake them up. It would just take too long.
With the intention of asking questions, since they didn’t have enough evidence put together to get the required warrant, he was doing his best to appear non-threatening. The killer spotted the sheriff first and they soon would square off, but the killer would get the upper hand and soon held the sheriff at gunpoint. He made him go into the shack and proceeded to tie the sheriff up and do unspeakable acts of cruelty to the man. The fisherman most likely lost his mind during all those nights spent alone, and had begun to think killing young women was a good idea. But this time, the sheriff was the one to die.
When they eventually found him going off of what john had told the police, the sheriff was discovered wrapped up in a fishing net, cut and gutted. The fisherman was going to burn the sheriff’s corpse, but they caught him in time to prevent it from happening. The events hurt the Evans family hard, and affected the boys the most. Their mother had always expected to lose her husband one way or another due to his job, but the boys weren’t thinking that way.
Sam continued with becoming a cop, and soon did so within a few years. He would stay in town and eventually make it up to sheriff, just like his old man. However, the NYC getaway that Phoenicia was becoming made John uncomfortable, so he set off to be apart of the big city. What had happened to his father had ate away at him until he also chose the police career path. But, he wasn’t wanting to be just any old cop. He decided he wanted to go after the criminals as his father had done during his last case; getting into the criminal’s mind and trying to figure them out seemed intriguing.
After he managed to pass training, he joined the NYPD as a detective / profiler. It was discovered that he was very good at it, and had a real passion for it. Problem was, there will be times when John will get deeply into studying the suspects, possibly running the risk of losing his sanity overtime. Or, all at once, depending on the severity of how deeply he goes.
-Other Types of Roleplay-

Not just average humans as suspects, but there might be times when John has to go after those supernatural creatures that are lurking in the night. (Or even day.) If you rp in this world, or you want to give the supernatural a go, let me know and we can definitely do such a thing.

John is in the NYC anyway, so why not have him in Gotham? For all you Batman-related characters, I would enjoy rping something out with you. He’ll be with the GCPD instead of the NYPD, and he’ll be a detective / profiler under Commissioner James Gordon. If your character is good or bad, it’s all good by me.

OTHER NYC’s – SPIDER-MAN / AVENGERS (Or any other comic-verse):
Just like with the world of Batman, I’ll go there, too.
-John Evans Quick Facts-

Full Name: Jonathon Wyatt Evans
Hometown: Phoenicia, NY
Current Town: NYC
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 187 lbs
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown / Starting to Gray
Species: Human
Father: James Evans (Deceased)
Mother: Aubree Evans
Brother: Sam Evans
Current Occupation: Police Detective . Criminal Profiler
R / L Handed: Right
Marital Status: Single
Children: 0
Sexual Preference: Women
Hobbies: Fishing, Poker
Bring Alongs: Badge, Gun, Wallet, Keys, Gum, Cigarettes
Bad Habits: Smoking, Drinking, Occasional Cursing, Staying Up Late, Making Unhealthy Eating Choices, Bringing Work Home, Temper

Who Am I...

A Police Detective

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Police profiler for the cases where the suspects are especially dangerous and wicked. Very good at his work, but sometimes it takes a toll to think like criminals that are most likely insane. It’s never good to stay within that mindset for too long, as he fears he might not be able to come out of it.


Gun, Badge, Wallet, Keys

I Believe...

…if you enter the mind of a serial killer … you may never come back.