Joanna Steadman

Intro Video


Ticking tocks,

Clicking Clocks.

Time is waiting.

Waiting for you.



Dirty talks.

Time is passing,

Pass you by child.


Summer breeze,

Taste of the sea.

Time is a construct,

Meant to keep you down.

Who Am I...

Call me Jo

Romantic Interests

None at the moment.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’m just an ordinary girl in a not so ordinary world. I sculpt when the mood strikes…if you find that interesting?

My Appearance

Thick lush short brown hair.

Chestnut brown eyes.

Sunkissed freckled skin.

Tall enough to reach my cabinets (5’6″).

Could be bigger, could be smaller, can’t complain (slender with some tone to the body).


(Pockets) A pack of gun, chapstick, Billfold with currency.

A silver locket about her neck she never opens unless asked about.

My Secrets Are...

Shhhhhh…. Get to know me  or a few drinks in me and who knows what might just pour out?

I Believe...

Even ordinary people can do extrodinary things.