Jonathan SilverFang


(Note also for Jon)

Height: 8,1 ft

Weight: 1203 lbs

Eye color: Dark Red

Hair: White

A slim but muscular male with the ability to lift an unimaginable amount of weight, and move extremely fast as he needs to.

Also has the ability to change forms from Okamimimi to Nekomimi, to human, and werewolf.


Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Engadged to Atlantia

My Story Is...

(Note, this is for Jon)

He was a child born of 1875, earth era abandoned at birth by his parents left to an orphanage in a time where the world was on the brink of war, Around age 11 he was a very troublesome boy always causing trouble and starting fights with other kids in the streets, as he aged it became worse as he was finally arrested at age 28 and given a choice, Prison or the military. He chose the military. Little did he know the government had plans for him. A man with no friends or family. The perfect disposable test subject. They subjected him to a super soldier program in the early development¬† of what became a failure later on as he couldn’t be controlled when his superhuman wrath took over. eventually though he lost his memory after the program had failed and assumed the alias of Jonathan Doe. later discovering his aging had stopped he went on to wander the earth for some years, Like a stray dog, being treated as a freak of sorts. Having no friends made him a bitter and uncaring person toward others, later on he somehow found his way to hellifyno and thus where the story continues…




Pack of smokes that doesn’t run out

An M1911 custom

gold plated flip lighter

My Secrets Are...

I only tell those close to me

I Believe...