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June 27, 2020 June 27, 2020
The Birth of the Soulless

The Carol creature. Born of the taint of the Void on the Imminent gods, she was left wandering in the aftermath of the failure of the Void Apocalypse. But she was not without purpose. Another being, the new Wyrd of change, an imminent bein that was newly ascendant, met her upon the plains of Aramoth…. The pieces of The Carol […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Great Election

The Great Election In the aftermath of the Void Apocalypse, life was uncertain. There were cities, and peoples living in those cities. There was a rebirth, a recreation, and a rebuilding. But there was also an incredible uncertainty. Hellifyno was now, mostly, cut off from the rest of the galaxy and beyond through a lack of available and readily working […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Age of Change

Year 0 – AoC The world was reborn. Those who had been not just dead, but obliterated from existence, were born anew in full formed bodies. Awakened, some felt awe, some understood the role of those few heroes of the light that had fought for them, and others understood or intuited the impact of Gaia and Life, and became adherents. […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Void Apocalypse

The sky was dark, because most of the stars were gone. The sun was dimmed, and though there was magic to keep the heat, the light and the warmth generated could not sustain. And this darkness was gowing, encroaching, penetrating the very soul of reality. The Twines were snapping, the connections were blurring, and everything was being reduced to naught. […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Chaos War

The Great Mistake Void has always been a dark presence in the universe. It exists on the edges, just beyond perception. It is the perfect emptiness is everywhere but where there is something. This was not understood by the peoples of the Modern Age. They had some references to the Void in old writings, but it was simply considered to […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
ThE FAe War

AM broke the world. They thought they’d healed it, and they had, for the most part. Life flourished once more upon Hellifyno and the many species prospered. But ,magic itself had been harmed by the blight of the AM scourge. And as the few, fundamental walls that held this power together, failed, an ancient force flew in and invaded the […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Slayer War

The Slayers, known internally as Humanities Hope, are a collective of homo sapiens from across many galaxies that believe in a singular ideal. That humans are an endangered species in a universe of vastly more powerful beings. And so they advocate for the power of humans, through any means necessary Due to their limited scope, this is often born of […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019
The Apocalypse

0 Void Apocalypse “Warning… the end is near… the inky night will cover all and despair will finally find its master.” “In the days to come three wars will be fought. These wars shall determine the circumstances but not the reason or the end.” “In the days to come two shall arise as heroes shining against the dark of night. […]

June 21, 2019 June 21, 2019

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