Who Am I...

I am Angrboda of Jotunheim. Loyal but distant. Scholarly but at home in nature. Slightly evil but (usually) a decent person. Archer. Strategist. Shapeshifter.

Romantic Interests

I am rather fond of the god of mischief…

My Story Is...

The History of Dwarf Jotuns:
The practice of leaving small Jotuns out to die was nothing new. It had been common long before the time of Laufey, though he strongly supported the idea. They were seen as a sign of weakness in a culture that put an emphasis on strength & aggression. Older dwarf Jotun were either slaves or outcasts & often formed small groups in the wilderness. Groups were in constant danger of being plundered & either captured or killed by larger travelers. This fear often kept the dwarves in isolation & poverty. And due to their lack, some would resort to sneaking into the cities to steal from the larger ones, sometimes finding abandoned babies in the process. These young ones were sometimes taken to small, makeshift orphanages where they would be cared for & taught survival skills. Though, because of the severe poverty, the children were often on their own as soon as they could do basic things for themselves. Before the age of 500 (Under 11) they would be sent away in small groups. Most died & for those that survived, life was difficult. This was the case for Angrboda.


Angrboda’s Story: (This part might change slightly depending on the RP)
Angrboda was turned out of the orphanage along with three friends when she was about ten. The following day, the children came across a dead Jotunheimian bilshnipe. (That thing that came after Loki, Thor, & the others in Jotunheim in the first Thor movie.) Soon after, they came across it’s nest, where a single egg remained. The kids took the egg with them, hoping to someday have a pet bilshnipe. They knew there must be some way to train them because the kings always had pet bilshnipes. A few days later, when the children were ice fishing over a frozen river, the ice cracked & broke, causing the three friends of Angrboda to fall in! The river carried them away from the hole in the ice & knocked them against the ice & rocks, not giving the chance for them to break free with their ice powers. Angrboda tried to help them but she wasn’t able to get to them in time. She grew up mostly alone, living in the Iron Woods, though she was still in contact with the small tribes in the area. Her only constant companion was the enormous monster that she’d raised from the egg that she & her friends had found. As an adult, Angrboda had become well known among the small Jotuns, both for her skill with a bow, as well for her monstrous pet. And, while she mostly kept to herself, she did attend meetings with the leaders of the nearby tribes.


My Appearance

Species: Jotun (A small Jotun.)
Age: About 1,500. (Early 30s I guess.)
Height: 5 ft. 6 in.
Weight: 130 pounds.
Build: Athletic.
Hair: Long, thick, black hair.
Eyes: Red in Jotun form. Brown in Asgardian form.
Animal forms: Monkey, wolf, mole, falcon, shark.
Weapons: Ice powers, bow & arrow.