Jack Ryder

Who Am I...

Male College Dropout, 18 yo, Outgoing, Blunt

Romantic Interests

Whomever interests me really .-.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My life has been pretty uneventful really, parents are together and happy, i haven’t been bullied, growing up wasn’t hard for me in any way. However, 2 years ago i was a victim in a car accident which has left me lacking in the emotional department, which has been a blessing in disguise really.

My Appearance

I am  6’1, I have hazel eyes and somewhat messy dirty blond hair, constantly wearing a look of boredom whilst not in conversation.


Pocket knife, phone, loose change and a  a paperclip.

My Secrets Are...

I wish I had secrets.

I Believe...

Whatever you believe