Quillan Athanasius

Intro Video

Who Am I...

Just a Mage exploring the world

Romantic Interests

Women though dont' have to be human just pretty

Relationship Status

Single for now

My Story Is...

Full Name –Quillan Athanasius
Nickname –Quill
Birth Date – March 26, year unknown
Birth Place –Originally Thentusa
Age – unknown
Nationality –similar to Irish{Thenetion
Race – looks human
Hair Color – black
Hair Style –untamed,short
Shape and Features of Face – Smooth features, inverted triangle face, round eyes, thin lips, small [refined] nose. 

Eye Color – grey
Skin Tone – pale
Build or Body Type – Average

Height – 6’4”
Weight – 190 lbs.
Speech Patterns – Formal


Story to be added later




scales of power

The basic form of his magic is the more in danger he is the stronger his magic is giving him the advantage but the less danger he is in the less powerful he is. There is a hard cap to this. His magic can never get as weak that it will be harmless. If he were to cast fire at the weakest point it would be a rather small fire but that fire can still start a larger one. And his advantage will only grow according to the danger and how many innocents/threats there are…Meaning he can only get powerful enough make himself survive and not others {if he is alone} but if the threat is to a crowd as well as himself  or if the threat large enough to affect others as a whole{I.E. the city/world/universe he in}  it could cause a Veto effect.


If Quill and a large group of people or the planet/plane/area he inhabits is under a threat that he could not defend against through normal means  {such as a planetary blasting attack or universe buster ect.} He can trigger a Veto which completely negates the attack entirely but he must choose to do a Veto ahead of time. If he chooses to try use “scales of power” to defend and fails he can not choose to Veto


Balance the Scales.

a more advanced form of his Judgement magic and can be only used in the Scales room.

can create, rewrite, redefine, delete, apply and generally manipulate any law which affects anyone and everyone as the user sees fit, allowing them to decide what happens under which conditions.

The user can create a law where one can only kill a person by removing their head; create a law where everyone and anyone that wears pink has three lives in their general area; or make it a law that combat must done with one tossing a die to decide what action to perform or providing that one must say where they are attacking and when they do so. The user creates any law they see fit or changes the entire concept of an existing law.

Room of  the scales

When his power is active. He is surrounded by a white sphere that is 10 meters wide radius all around him with him at the center. though once active this space remains where it was summoned and does not move with him unless he reactivates it at another location that he is in that is already outside the sphere A pair of scales will appear at the top of the sphere. Attacking them would automatically trigger a CP {capital Punishment }

Tipping The Scales

due to his limiter Quill’s power is limited to three Amendments three Objections and two judgments. Amendments are specific rules that have to be followed and refusal to do so will tip the scales which will trigger a Judgement t. All three amendments  are treated separately per violation but if any one of them goes past two judgments the Captial Punishment will activate

This can be avoided if the scales are kept balanced for more then two full turns which will cause Exoneration to trigger which resets the amendments and Objections but not the Judgements.


Unlike ammendments, they are not rules that have to be followed but simply a form of ‘rebuttal’ or effect put into play to either force his enemy to cause a violation or to help him achieve a goal and not create a violation himself as he must also fallow the amendments he sets.

for example, An amendment that states no Violence allowed. He could gently poke someone with his finger but set an objection that makes his kinetic 1000 times stronger.  Given it was simply a playful poke it would not trigger a violation.

Capital punishment

If the scales are not reset after two violations of an amendment the third violations will trigger a CP This is the only time a Judgment can cause direct harm to the offender  When triggered the offender is given three choices by the scales. The offender has one turn to make a choice or it will be chosen at random. the three choices start at minor to major damage and each choice will diminish after it is picked. Then the next time a CP is activated only two choices will be available based on the last choice. then one choice will remain after that when a 3rd CP  is active

For example

1st CP

minimum damage choice

minor damage choice

Max damage choice

if the offender chooses max damage it is removed from the list so the 2nd CP will only have minor and minimum options  and so on

Solitary confinement 

if all 3 CPs were triggered then the Room of Scales becomes an inescapable prison that can not be left or destroyed by any means this includes portals and other forms and transport like powers or meta and paraphysical power ect All powers a person may have are fully negated at the moment of triggering. and Quill is ejected from the room. It will shrink into a black sphere the size of a baseball of which Quill will keep until he chooses to release the offender.