Julia Starfire

Intro Video


Name: Julia Y. Starfire
Father: Taiyo Starfire -deceased-
Mother: Maya Hellbourne -deceased-
Siblings: Lara Starfire -deceased- Annasta ( Rini ) Starfire -deceased- Gabriel Starfire -deceased-

Children: Miyu -living- Duo -living-  Scion -living- Hana -living- Mik’ah -living-

Who Am I...

Fighter, Witch, Mother, Ex-Solider, Drifter,

Romantic Interests

Pansexual. ( No longer role playing sex due to personal reasons. Sex may be allowed under certain circumstances but only loosely mentioned in role play. There is no room for negotiations beyond what is stated. )

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

(Traditionally July Starfire goes back to the first days of Hotmail chatrooms and early MSN. Most might remember her and there will be many more who won’t. She is mostly geared to modern time rps, origins starting in the Metal Gear Solid era, Outlaw Star, Cowboy BeBop, Resident Evil universes but there are other versions of this character that’s adapted to a variety of different rps over the years. It just all depends on the genera and flow of the story.)



Original from the distant future of our current world where mankind has abandoned the now dead Earth in favor of living among the stars, Julia was a soldier, a mother, a wife until unforeseeable events landed her in the world of the current. With no real way to return to her universe or family, she drifts about the many worlds looking for answers and ways to return. All she knows is that the people who reside in this space are unlike anything from her home universe and waking up, naked, confused and teeming with magic she barely understands she struggles daily to figure those powers out and adapt to them.


( I’m open to ideas and different scenarios however I rp my characters only and will not recognize anything done to my character, about my character or for my character without specifically discussing it with me and getting my approval. Period. No “This is cannon” without my permission. Only the DM’s have that ability and no one else. )



discord: ( if I don’t know you I’m not accepting so ask me before attempting to add me.) JuliaStarfire#6962

My Appearance




DOB: July 1st ????

Eye color: Pail Blue

Hair color: Black

Height: 5’2

Nationality: Half Japanese, half French

Body type: Athletic

Normally she wears plain of civilian clothes but thanks to a friend she has a power suit she wears every so often.


Julia is currently in possession of her older sister’s twin revolvers Casull and Jackal. ( yes a Hellsing nod ) If you can’t see them physically on her being and shes wearing her leather jacket they are inside her leather jacket and due to her magical ability if she runs out of physical ammo for them she is able to concentrate a single elemental charge through them. ( example, lightning bullet, wind blast, fire bullet ) They are and can be subject to wear and tear over time and is rarely ever used for elemental attacks.

A secondary weapon will be a combat knife she keeps strapped to her lower back via sheath. There is nothing special about this weapon, it is just a regular knife.

A third option will be her CQC skills learned in her military years. She is fully trained in mixed martial arts and kickboxing though due to her size she has never made it past lightweight. She is, however, able to bench at least 160lbs.

A fourth option is her mobile suit unit EB-06s Graze Commander Type aka Dirty Harry ( Gundam IBO nod ) She cannot use this weapon unless she happens to be in it or working on it.

Dirty Harry specs:

Standard head sphere sensor -deploys aerial cameras to see all angles-

Optional multi-rack backpack

Standard Armaments. . . . . . .

Handheld- GR-w01 120mm Rifle – Short Rifle – GR-H01 9.8m Battle Axe

Optional Armaments. . . . . . . .

Fixed- GR-w02 320mm Bazooka

Handheld- GR-E01 8.8m Shield – GR-H02 Battle Blade




My Secrets Are...

Through all things big and small we are but an insignificant blip on a cosmic scale. So. Let’s make some noise. Let’s start a riot. Let us bring up the very fires of hell to rain down on our enemies. Let’s make such a commotion that even god themselves will sit back and awe and say “Damn.” -Julia Starfire

I Believe...

Figure it out