Skipper Meris

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“Mermaids are real. Just as real as a human being. What you don’t know is they could be walking on land with you right this very moment.”


Skipper is a mer with an adventurous soul. As someone who dabbles in jewelry making, Skip loves to swim around reefs and other areas to find fascinating things. Her specialty, however, is pearl jewelry. She loves the way pearls shine. This, in turn, shows her adoration for anything shiny. Skipper is very generous and tends to give away the jewelry she makes instead of selling it.

Her intrigue for humans is limited. She finds most of them to be very rude and distasteful. But that’s never stopped her from going up on the surface before. Skipper is generally a friendly person. But if someone upsets her or hurts her friends, Skip doesn’t hesitate to protect herself or her friends.

As a mer without a pod, who has been around jellyfish all her life, Skipper has grown immune to the sting of the creatures and has gained a venomous sting of her own. One that only resides in her tail fin. The rest of her tail is safe. This said it should be taken into account that while Skipper is a friendly mer, she is also quite dangerous if trifled with.

Who Am I...

A mermaid among the jellyfish

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Skipper Meris is a mysterious mer both in appearance and personality. She has sharp, tanned features, dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and an alluring smile. On two legs, Skipper is at a taller than average height of 5’9” tall and weighs approximately 116 pounds. When on land, Skipper is seen wearing clothing that shows off her body. But she does have her days where she desires to be lazy and will wear baggy, large clothing.

While in the sea, Skipper still has those sharp tanned features, dark brown locks, chocolate brown eyes, and that alluring smile. Though the difference between her on land and Skipper in the sea is that she has a tail instead of a pair of legs. This tail is at least 5 feet long and is a bright blue and gold in its color. As she hangs out around jellyfish all day every day, she has become immune to their stings. What adds to the mystery of this particular mer is that she too has a sting to her.

I Believe...

The brighter your colors, the more dangerous you may be.