June Collier


The pencil move with grace across the slightly dirtied page of the small notebook, the scratching of the tip against the paper was soothing, in a strange way, it complimented the sounds of the scrunching leaves on the branches which dangled above the girl’s head.
‘Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe I shouldn’t have left, but travelling the great waterways, the woods, the hills? It’s alright. Though I do go hungry sometimes. But that’s okay… right? It’s just better than staying back there. I think so, anyway. Though, honestly, I really do feel like I’m a living cliché at times, like I’ll be starred in some mid-budget movie, though it’s kinda fun I guess, the freedom and such.’

Romantic Interests

Im not really interested in anyone

My Story Is...

Well, I’m not sure you should know everything just yet. But I’ll tell you the little things? deal? good. I left home at about….eleven or twelve, somewhere along that border. Why? Well, like I said… little- well, smaller things first. I wandered around somewhat aimlessly, between towns and villages, cities and hamlets, waterways and roads, and well, I just… love it. Each crunch of gravel beneath my boot just lights a spark inside me, you know? As if I could feel my horizons broadening. That probably sounds stupid… but what do I care! I can just move on! And I’ve been doing just that for…months? maybe a year? Honestly, it’s quite hard to keep track of time out here. Who knows where ill end up next…

I Believe...

Each step you take should be cherished