Who Am I...

Juren, a mysterious red Haired guy..

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

I lived as a normal living boy on the land. My father was a Warrior of the Army of the 2. Holy brigade. Someday.. I woke up at night. I saw a bloodmoon. My Brain hurt dir some reason. Next thing i hear is a Voice of a demon. He forced me to kill my older brother whilst Sleeping. His room was full of his Blood that i spilled. The Guards threw me in Prison. Than my father said that i could get free by joining the Army. My mother was a Commander of the Army i was in. Than.. A battle happened. And I saw that my father Betrages everyone. My Mother hot stand. I shot an Arrow though his heart but he still came at me and smashes me with his sword. Last thing i saw was hin dying Short after. But I got revived! And I still live. I WANT TO find out Why i was received! And what that Dominic Voice Was.

My Appearance

White/Grey Robe with hood. Black trousers. Boots. Face mask. Red Hair. Black fingernails.


Legendary Demonic Bow and Holy Blade piece of my father

My Secrets Are...

The DEMON Inside me

I Believe...

That i am a guy born in Hell..