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He is able to manipulate particles to both create or destroy this is the one power that he knows of at this point

Who Am I...

I don't really know

Romantic Interests

Why would I care

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Oh hello, there my name is Juro I don’t really know what I am or where I came from. But I remember starting my existence in the empty space. Actually I was that empty lonely space that was until he came I don’t know his name but when he waved his hand I had a real body. Pretty cool right well it gets better he told me that I am really powerful and that I needed to train to keep my power under control. But training for long periods of time can be really boring and I love doing fun things like skipping stones playing with animals and exploring. But he always tells me to do the fun things I will have to train first So I guess this training is really important. At one point a group of robed mask-wearing people showed up at first I thought they wanted to play but they tried to attack me. I was scared at first so I told them to leave me alone but when they did not do this it made me really angry so I made them nothing. About every four years more people like them show up but they always meet the same fate. I think I am four thousand years old that means I am still really young and why I still look like a little kid. I don’t know why people want to attack me but in reality, I don’t really care as I said before I love to have fun. So I guess this is goodbye, for now, I hope we can chat again some time.

My Appearance

Messy snow-white hair olive-colored eyes a pale complexion his height is four-foot-four he wears a black and gray long-sleeved shirt with the ends of the sleeves rolled up as well as gray shorts his shoes are black



My Secrets Are...

I don’t have time for secrets

I Believe...

That I would rather be doing something fun then dealing with a crazy world