Hello! My name is Pip. I’m new here, so feel free to message me! Any and all advice/requests welcome!

Who Am I...

Thoramore of Iconia

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I was orphaned and adopted when I was very young by an elf knight titled Soultouched. He and his dwarf butler, Starric, raised me and are training me to lead in the on the battlefield and the senate floor of Iconia, the city state where we live.

My Appearance

The most obvious items on his person are his weapons and armor. He wears half-plate, a small cloak draped over his left shoulder and arm, slightly concealing a small crossbow and bastard sword at his side. The motif of his clothes is green and black with a badger emblazoned on the cape.
He has a handsome face. A strong jawline, relaxed smile, and a wide gaze that seems almost hungry. All this is overshadowed by the subtle lavender glyphs that frame his left eye across his brow and the right side of his jaw.
Thoramore is 5’10” and has a strong wiry build. His fingers are long and his knuckles thick, his palms calloused from training.


In addition to his weapons, clothes, and armor, he generally has a canteen and a side bag with a few miscellaneous items such as jerky, a ring of keys, and manual on crossbow maintenance. He has a pouch on his belt on his left side with a handful of silver coins.

My Secrets Are...

When I was a child, a spirit with a nature I don’t yet understand escaped from its summoning ritual and found anchor in me. That, and not my own studies or talent, is the source of my arcane abilities.

I Believe...

Strength exists to create joy. Knowledge is always preferable to ignorance.