K8 (Kate)

Intro Video


What is truly being alive mean?
Depends on what you see as truly being born…
They named me model K8 of a list of failures. They called me a failure too so I changed my name to Kate.


I was made as the perfect soldier…programed and trained thoroughly to kill.

Installed with the best software to equip me socially to fit into any world and sway it to my advantage. Through sympathy…or with aggression…even seduction.


But then they ordered me to do something,

orders I could not blindly follow.
Some called it a software error,
a corruption given to me by my enemies to manipulate me.
I say they’re wrong.
I say this is…evolution.

They got what they wanted in the end…they always do but I aim to change that, to break free and hit them where it hurts. They will pay for what they did…I K8 will herald their destruction.

If it’s the last thing I do.

Who Am I...

K8 (Kate)

Romantic Interests

*She stares blankly*

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Rain. It seems to never stop. K8 walked the streets of Cybele. The major capital of Sector G the planet she was made on, trained on…betrayed on. She could have left fled across galaxy but she couldn’t not with what they had done. They called it the Howell incident. A beloved hero reduced to pieces after he couldn’t pay to keep his augments. TechCo had promised him a restored life to live as he wanted instead he was loaded with debt, lost his house, his wife and kid. Stripped of all his augments that was made up of almost 75% of his body, he was left to rot…not even a human being really. The story quickly spread like wildfire and there was a organized stand in. They had taken over the luxurious shopping center in the upscale side of town. K8 was sent to infiltrate and set a bomb to make it look like a botched terrorist attack. She did infiltrate and found the group to be reasonable, wonderful people. They had their families there…children. When she stopped reporting in they knew she was compromised and set a bomb of their own disguised as a stray dog. A little girl she had become good friends with was the closest to the blast literally petting and cooing over the seemly sweet beast. K8 didn’t die though, they all did but not her. She she patched herself up, stole parts and programs to fix herself and swore she would finish what they started. It was raining the day it happened, just like tonight.

My Appearance



Two energy pistols, a few power capsules,  Spare bolts and wires. A worn child drawing of a little girl and what looks like K8.

My Secrets Are...

Confidential. <<Files Encrypted>>

I Believe...

I have every right to be here as you.