For the longest time, at least on the surface, most believed the neat and tidy story of God creating the universes and all life in them. They believed the great epic of good versus evil, of heaven and hell, and for the most part, the pawns played their part well in the eyes of the dull and stupid. However the true players knew the truth of the Three Controllers. God, Father of light, creator of the beings who were made of his grace, the angels, demons, and holy dragons among others. Eden, The Mother of Life, creator of humanity, the Pantheons of Gods that were supposed to look over them, and the Eden Seeds, special beings who were born to protect Eden and her balance. Last but not least, there was Yjarl, the eldest and the Father of the Dark Abyss. Not many knew the story of the three siblings existing in Yjarl’s endless darkness until the day God created light so that he could show his sister Eden something new, something beautiful.

About how at first Yjarl didn’t mind, for he wanted his sister Eden to be happy as well. But in that light, Eden created life, created beings that turned out to have such limitless potential that one day they could rise up and become a threat to even the controllers. Not willing to allow this to happen, Eden’s brothers, God and Yjarl decided to destroy the life she created not only to save themselves, but her as well. Eden refused to allow her brothers to do this, and stood against them. Not wanting to go against their sister directly, the brothers retreated and began their own separate plans to save themselves and their sister. God created his angelic hosts and creatures of grace, both light and dark, for while he had created light, he had existed in darkness for countless eons before it existed. He was not willing to give up the light though, so his plan was to create a universe of light so absolute that life could not survive.

Yjarl didn’t create countless beings to do his bidding, instead he borne forth pitch black seeds from his abyss and used them to steal and corrupt the creations of his brother and sister. He was far more subtle in his war to return everything to pitch black nothingness where all of them could live as they had before the light. Unlike God with his countless wars, and his creation of religion to control as much of humanity as he could, Yjarl played the long game. He’d corrupt one of his brother’s creations here, one of his sister’s creations there, bringing them to his side, and plotting in ways that even his siblings could not figure out. Every now and then, Yjarl happened upon a chance to make great gains in his ultimate plight, and one such opportunity came during the Great Twilight Of The Gods.

The Twilight Of The Gods came about when most of the Godly Pantheons grew too prideful, and had forgotten their true objective as Eden’s Creations to protect and cultivate humanity. Because of this, God grew angry and sent his son, The Messiah who lead armies of Grace against many of the old Pantheons. Eden was able to save a number of gods from the different Pantheons, those who had not forgotten about her, thanks to loyal Gods like Loki and his Children, but the majority of the Gods were defeated and cast into the abyss. While some were able to escape that eternal prison in some way, many did not, for Yjarl had seen fit to corrupt one of God’s own creations, the former Archangel, later Princess of Hell Leviathan.

Leviathan was the first of his siblings creations that Yjarl had been able to corrupt, taking her as his daughter, his Goddess Of The Abyss. She waited patiently, something she’d learned from her father, and played her part. When she was “Cast” out of heaven with the rest of the Angels who would become demons and act as a planned antithesis to the angels of light, she took the chance to begin her father’s plan by taking on the title of the Sin Envy, tempting both God’s and Eden’s creations into heresy against their creators. It was because of her that most of the Gods forgot about Eden, inviting God’s Wrath in the first place, seducing Godly leaders like Odin, and Zeus, taking advantage of their Envy of the higher status that Eden’s Seeds, her protectors, enjoyed while they were forced to babysit humanity. However when they decided to punish Humanity, they fell into a deadly trap. Adam, the first human created by Eden, and the true protector of humanity gathered together the demi-gods who had fostered resentment and even hate for the godly parents who had forgotten them or punished them for being born, and set them against the Gods.

Focused on this attack, the Gods weren’t ready for The Messiah’s attack, and thus the Twilight Of The Gods was wrought upon the pantheons. Leviathan simply enjoyed the show and waited for her chance to come, and it did when The Messiah cast the defeated Gods into the abyss. Lucifer had charged Leviathan with keeping the Gods imprisoned until God either needed them, or felt they had been punished enough. However Leviathan did no such thing. When the gods were cast down to her, instead of imprisoning them, she devoured them, taking in their power and essence, corrupting it with her true Father’s Darkness and becoming Yjar’s true Goddess of The Abyss. By the time The Messiah and Lucifer figured out what had happened, Leviathan was too powerful for them to handle, and were unable to stop her from leaving Hell’s Abyss to join her father’s side.

Brimming with power and hunger, Yjarl allowed his daughter to wreak havoc upon some of the worlds in the multi-verse, letting her slake her thirst, and feed her hunger until it was temporarily sated. Then he sealed that hunger away, allowing Leviathan to relax and live until the time came when she would unleash that hunger once more, along with Yjarl’s other devourers, and return everything in existence back to the darkness that had come before. Until then, however, Leviathan was free to roam the realms, under the radar of both God and Eden’s creations, and enjoy herself, knowing that one day everything would disappear, and she would be one of the beings allowed to thrive in, and relish the absolute darkness to come.

Who Am I...

Daddy's Dark Little Girl.

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The Cataclysm of Corruption and Woe

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Powers and Abilities:

As one of her multiverses Seven Devourers meant to return it back to a state of darkness, Leviathan is basically a walking black hole of the highest order, though her abilities scale down when she is in a universe outside of her home multiverse. Her body is built capable of sealing away and keeping that power in check, thus her physical form is highly invulnerable to most matter and energy, and giving her tremendous physical strength, speed, agility, reflexes, and senses.

As with the other Devourers, Leviathan’s main ability is absolute absorption, allowing her to take in almost any form of matter or energy and repurpose it. Like her brethren, her powers have qualities distinctive to herself. Though she cannot repurpose what she absorbs in the form of projection type abilities, she can use it to further augment her physical capabilities, giving her body properties of the things she devours. Devouring reality warping energies allows her to physically rip through reality, letting her travel where she wills. Devouring materials such as dark matter allows her body to exist completely separated from the electromagnetic field.

Her father also gifted her with a singularity aura, allowing her to effectively be her own personal reality, rendering her immune to outside reality manipulation from others. Furthermore, she can also devour and absorb abstract concepts such as the Divine Daos of Cultivator realities and using them in a physical manner, such as devouring the Dao of Karma, allowing her to attack someone who has clones scattered throughout a world and damaging them all at the same time due to the karma that connects them. When she devours other living beings, she is able to take on any memories and physical skills they possessed and make them her own, as well as utilize what powers they held as long as it is in a physical manner.

The limit to her ability outside of her own multiverse is that she cannot maintain the aspects of matter and energy she absorbs forever, as it will at some point be completely devoured and lost into the abyss within her, and she will then need to devour that matter, energy, or concept again to use it’s abilities. To this end, she always keeps samples of matter and energy on her person at all times.  She also has no way to turn her power into outside energy manipulation such as magic or energy projection. Even if someone taught her magic, she would not be able to cast it, thus to combat something such as a magic shield, she would need to absorb an energy or matter that counteracts that particular magic and simply smash through it, or negate it by touch.

I Believe...

In Oblivion.