Kael Cain Frostmoon

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I am a Main and Location chat Roleplayer only only use Pm for OOC for time with mate.

You may not kill my Character off without my permission, I ignore rude desrepectful trolls.

Who Am I...

Kael Cain Froostmoon son of Lillian Cain and Caine Frostmoon

Romantic Interests

Straight Females

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Kael spent 200 years of his life as a 4-year-old as he was cursed until he laid eyes on his true father Caine Frostmoon. Kael is a Nilf Shadow Vampyre/ Frost Elf Lycan.  Which the Insomnia scientist have come to call him an Ice Shadow Elf Vampycanian a new breed and first of his kind. the Epsilon of the Frostmoon pack

My Appearance

7’3″ Tall


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His double fangs smaller ones are his vampire fangs the bigger ones are his Lycan ones


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