Kage-Hime Octavian

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Kage-Hime is also from the world of Tenrai. She’s a sand mage who uses Obsidian sand. Each bit of sand that she has in use is connected to the black stripes across her skin.
Parents: deceased

Significant Other(s): Augustus Octavian– husband

Zaire Huon– Also one of Augustus’s wives

Children: Amirah, Asterin, and Solandis

User can create, shape and manipulate sand, a naturally occurring loose, fragmented/granular sedimentary material composed of finely divided rock and mineral particles ranging in diameter from 0.0625 mm (or 1?16 mm) to 2 mm.
The most common sand is composed of particles of quartz (colorless/slightly pink) and feldspar (pink/amber). Black sands, such as those found in Hawaii, are composed of particles of obsidian formed by volcanic activity. Other black sands include materials such as magnetite and homblende. Coral sands are white or gray, and sands composed of broken shell fragments are usually light brown.
Blindness Inducement via sand in eyes.
Burrowing with choice between simply gliding through sand or leaving tunnel.
Death Inducement via sand in lungs.
Manipulate the properties of sand.
Ground Liquification
Move/lift sand at nearly any speed whether in/on surface, air or water.
Psammokinetic Flight
Psammokinetic Surfing by riding a mass/wave of sand.
Psammokinetic Constructs
Sand Attacks
Sand Generation
Abacomancy using sand.
Motor-Skill Manipulation by implanting sand into opponents’ body and manipulating them.
Psammokinetic Invisibility
Psammokinetic Regeneration
Quicksand Generation
Sand Absorption
Sand Aura
Sand Mimicry
Sand Transmutation
Sandstorm Creation
Seismic Sense sense/perceive vibrations in the sand.
Glass Manipulation
Magic Dust Manipulation
Powder Manipulation
Quicksand Manipulation
Sand Magic
Desert Adaptation
Desert Manipulation
Erosion Manipulation
Earth Manipulation
Crystal Manipulation – sand is composed out of quartz and silica crystals.
Mineral Manipulation
Metal Dust Manipulation
Psammokinetic Immunity
May be unable to create sand, being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources.
Distance, mass, precision, etc. depend upon of the knowledge, skill, and strength of the user, and their power’s natural limits.
Water and Blood Manipulation can make sand heavier and harder to manipulate.
Fire Manipulation can melt sand into glass.
Ice Manipulation/Freezing can turn sand solid.
Sand can be weighed down when mixed with a powder of higher density, such as iron or gold dust, thus reducing manipulation.

Who Am I...

I am a Priestess of the Goddess of Love

Romantic Interests

Augustus Giovanni/Zaire Huon

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I’m a traveling priestess, and I’d been to every last place in Tenrai that I could. So, with the help of a little friend, I was able to travel to other worlds. But this one? I liked this one. So, I decided to stick around. After all, this place seems like it needs a bit of love~

My Appearance

Long, dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. She has black stripes covering her pale skin, which are made up of obsidian sand. She has a /very/ large bust, and is commonly dressed in bright purple priestess robes. Kage-Hime carries herself with an air of authority, and has very faint black stripes on her ears and tail, signifying her status as a Tiger subspecies.

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Her staff, her sand, and a small pouch on her waist that contains a hammer space.

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My Secrets Are...

My own.

I Believe...

In love above all else.