Bleak Hollowfrell

Who Am I...

A hunter of my own kind

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born among orcs I was taught to be strong, never run, never be afraid. When I learned what I was my nature pulled me to other doppelgangers but I never forgot my mother’s face, her kind words, her stories of the Orcish gods. My loyalty to her and my horde hasn’t been lost to me either.

My Appearance

In my natural state I appear the same as any other doppelganger, but I usually take the form of a well toned Orc male with a thick mane held in a ponytail, scars litter my body and face, my skin is a jade green, the eyes remain my own. I wear a loincloth of bearskin, boots of hide, a black riding hood and a necklace of Elf bone gifted to me by my mother.


Morning star, lantern, 2 kegs of oil

My Secrets Are...

What I am, as only my mother and tribe know the truth.

I am a hunter of my own kind

I Believe...

My fellow doppelgangers are a scourge on the world