Kaito Tsuikia the Immortal

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Head of the Tsuikia Family
Leader of the Guild of Blood Marauders

I am One of many Immortal Dragons

As My Immortality Has come to full Knowledge so has My Origin

My other chars are

Ash Tsuikia
Full blooded dragon, Fifth Seat officer in 10th squad of the Seireite, Current Knowledge is Kaito’s Eldest living Son. (Mirage will have to be discussed¬†if the Player is still around)
My family is listed in the Tsuikia Family Castle
Also for those who dont know what the Dragon hat in OOC looks like
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Who Am I...

An Immortal Dragon and Head of the Tsuikia Family

Romantic Interests

Females, but is almost reluctant to get romantically involved due to the many loves in his never ending existence growing old and dying

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Kaito once lived in a universe in which he was the first Dragon to be born. His Father was the Universe’s God of Life and Reality. His Mother was the Goddess of Nature and Love. He was raised to be the ruler of the Universe, and when he reached maturity he became the best ruler he could be, the entire Universe adored and loved him as their ruler. One day Kaito began to turn from his path as a righteous ruler and began to despise the gods of his Universe. He began a conquest to slay every God that had dominion within the Universe to gain their powers, he ultimately achieved this goal exterminating every God except for the God of Death but only gained his Fathers and Mothers powers. but this achievement also meant that every life in the universe was killed as well. He realized his foolishness a little to late and was then confronted by the God of Death. The God of Death cursed him to never die unless slain by the very God who cursed him with Immortality and for over 6 Billion years he has wandered through dimensions and from universe to universe, having to watch as everyone he bonds with, everyone he’s ever loved vanish over time like the sand of an hour glass.

His Birth was the first Non Mortal being to come into Existence. he was birthed as a Celestial Dragon With a Golden And Silverish White Hue to his Scales. He was Birthed with a Equal Celestial Dragon by The name of Jinsoku Tsuikia, His twin brother. Jinsoku Had a Blackish/Purplish Hue to his Scales Up until Full maturation they looked similar in features except their Color. Due to the universe’s Law about Dragons when twins are born one can not die without the other one dying as well, Each was part of one half of an Original Soul. Only upon full maturation does their souls become separate . But still coming from the same being Any damage they take the other one suffers. Although when they fought each other Neither would suffer the same damage they dealt to each other. After a Millennia Past that each one had figured out they one was of Light, and the other Darkness when it came to their souls. Jinsoku fell into the Darkness of his soul and began to hate his brother. Over time he felt he should have been the Ruler of their galaxy. This drove him to do great evils across the universe. Kaito Knew he was the only one who could stop his brother. So he embarked on many battles to try to stop him. Several years latter, with the help of Several Family Members (Including Four of Kaito’s Children, Both kaito’s and Jinsoku Sister as well as Jinsoku own Daughter) Kaito’s Head Officers and The Best of Their Universes Mages Guild Association and Jisnoku’s Head Intelligence Officer who Defected and Became a Spy for Kaito at the End of this long war between the two, Did Kaito finally manage to Seal Jinsoku within his Soul. Each Person that helped within the Battle became Soul Seals to contain The Monster that had become known as Jinsoku within Kaito. Whether they are Alive or not is even unknown to Kaito. the Only One that he knows still lives is His brother Jinsoku.


Kaito Had recently Learned that He could rid himself of his immortality by ejecting Jinsoku from Within himself to force them to both face the Death God who cursed Him with Immortality. But due to the possibility Of Jinsoku Escaping and knowing that jinsoku can Not die either Due to their soul link He refuses to do so.

Being that Jinsokus Ultimate Plan is to Destroy or Erase All life in every plane of existence and is the same plan as his Best Friend Dante Zeto (who has gone insane). Kaito Refused to share what he learned with anyone other than his Current Girlfriend. And is now Searching for a different means to end his Immortality, to include the possibility of ascending into a God like level Of Existence.


Kaito having lived so long has had many Spouses in his life, he is hesitant to get into a relationship because of them aging and then passing away. As for his last one she just seemed to vanish, whether she left or died is unknown to him.

My Appearance

However the profile Pic looks, but his eye’s are multi colored like the picture below but swirling and changing and filled with every color imaginable


Can’t tell you them all because his weapons and other items appear out of thin air summoned from a vault within his soul that is to vast to tell you. It has almost endless things within it other then just weapons as well.

My Secrets Are...

Not for you to know.



I Believe...

That Immortality is a curse and time haunts those that have such curse.