Kaito Tsuikia the Bored

Who Am I...

An Immortal Celestial Dragon

Romantic Interests

Women but is VERY reluctant to get into a Relationship

My Story Is...

I was once a Mortal Celestial Dragon who ruled over my entire Universe. After a long war with my Twin brother, and sealing him within myself, I began to go mad. 400 years after I committed sins beyond compare, and almost destroyed my Universe. I was cursed with Immortality and having my Universe and it’s entirety of souls merged into my own soul.

Nine million years later, I lived on the Planet of Hellifyno and was exposed to Void Energy at some point. My Brother took the opportunity to absorb the void energy in order to try to escape. I then vanished from the Universe and tried to fix the seal by sacrificing Ten Thousand Years of Memory. After the destruction of Hellifyno I decided to leave the Universe again. I have now returned to see how the universe looks.

I Believe...

Immortality is a curse.