Who Am I...

A Maiden, Elite Strike Force of Uriel, the Flame of God

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My Story Is...

  Flayuer’s true name is Hanael. She is an Archangel of Joy. The meaning of her name is “The Joy Of God” or “The Grace of God”. She was once, long ago, a close friend of Uriel. As Uriel formed her band of Maidens, Hanael was the first to offer her services. At the time, the war with the demonic forces was at an all time high and the help was needed. Against her better judgment, Uriel agreed and trained the younger angel. Soon, she was needed. The Angel, eager to prove herself, to bring peace to the realm, had rushed in. 

   She was quickly overwhelmed as it had been a set up for Uriel. Instead, they gained her minion. Hanael was chained and broken. Nearly all the horrid acts that the demons could dream up were performed upon the angel. The used her body, broke her spirit, tried to claim her wings. Many times they were cut off, piece by broken piece, yet they grew back. She could not die. While at the time, she thought it was her God’s doing, it was actually dark magicks of the demons. Shax was outraged. His intent was to have Uriel, not a useless Archangel. Hanael was punished for this as he could not claim Uriel. Over the course of months, they abused her and finally shattered her mind. She had escaped from them, no part of her body or mind spared scarring, by slaughtering nearly the entire nest.

   As the Angel’s mind was shattered, and all  the blood that covered her hands and soul, she lost every aspect of herself and turned to slaughtering anything that came close enough. Uriel, Michael and Raphael took pity upon her as it was their cause she had lost herself in. The three rose up to collect her, though it cost them wounds to contain the Archangel. Taking her to Uriel’s city, to spare her the stigma of what had happened, Rafael had worked at healing her mind. Unfortunately, the damage went too deep. Unable to make the choice herself, Uriel made it for her. Rafael wiped her mind at Uriel’s command and Hanael’s memories of everything prior were lost. Yet, they had to explain the wounds to her body. This was done with a half truth, spun tales to explain it away. She was given a new name, a new identity of sorts. 


  When she returned such, the rest of the SIiver City had no idea what to make of the angry woman and most gave her a wide berth. She has few friends. Eva, Uriel, and the other Maidens are all she has. Now, she suffers from something akin to borderline personality disorder. As Rafael was never able to fully heal her mind, she holds a blood lust that not even she fully understands. Uriel generally keeps her under tight watch, trying to keep her as close as she can, afraid that the Angel will fall one day. Already Flayuer treads that line too closely.

My Appearance


6’3, black hair, icy blue eyes