Kalua Makuahine Honua


I was a child, abused since birth, and than sent to rule an empire. I ruled for very few years on my planet, about 6 years give or take. A revolution caught me off guard and I was killed in a bombing… That was one of my several… Several possible lives… But than I was saved… I opened my eyes, I look around not knowing anything or feeling anything… A matter a fact I wasn’t breathing. I would stare at this goddess like figure and feel fear and dread instantly, than I hearing the voice of a soft angelic, motherly, caring voice say “Don’t fear child… I have seen a many of ways you shall live and deserve to live… You shall restart on a planet known as Hellifyno and you are now a nature protected and spirit… Do well child and please do good to those… Even those who do wrong to you” I fall asleep again, and I wake up in the middle of a forest inside a large circle of burnt dirt and soot, and here starts my adventure.

Who Am I...

I am… Who am I?… Where am I? All I know is my name… I'm Kalua Makuahine Honua

Romantic Interests

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My Appearance

Dark skin, Large red gem in the center of my forehead, Long mint green hair, Below her thighs were animal like calves with mixed dogish cat like paws for feet, she wore a long white shirt with nice stitched in details, it is low enough so she doesn’t need anything underneath it, I have a really long tail¬† with very short fur, the end of my tail splits off in three ways with a neat fluffy feathery mint green with orange detail. (Look at my story cover and see my appearance)


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My Secrets Are...

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