Kara Ravenwood


I’m not sure what goes here, but whatever. I’m an author looking to work on a character meaning I’m looking for character chats mostly but I’m open to new things. Also just a heads up I’m a working mother so my reply may be slow. I will respond.

Who Am I...

I'm a witch who's spells acutally do something.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Kara is cautious of everyone, foul mouthed and unique. She is an open book to the right questions. She is kind and compassionate. Her magic draws from natural energy: earth, air, fire, what, life. She has been teaching herself how to use her magic to follow her father who disappeared years ago. Kara found a spell left where her father was last seen at.

This spell transported her to a world where magic is the norm. There are all different types of creature in this world {reminder this is a character I’m using in a short story, i’m sorry its a mess right now but its a work in progress.}.

{there is no name for the world yet.}

My Appearance

height: 5’8”

weight: 142

hair: Black or White {i haven’t figured out what color i want most}

Eyes: Blue green

Body type: Curvy athletic

Scars: multiple scars across her body mostly concentrated across her upper torso and stomach.

Tattoos: one on her right hip that covers a scar from a salt round from a shotgun close range.


A tank-top, black jeans, shoes and socks. a light jacket. mostly the close on her back.

My Secrets Are...

Its not a good thing to be a witch like her on Earth. with that being said; she doesn’t share the full extent of her magic.

I Believe...

There is light to every darkness, it just depends on how hard you fight.