Kate Sparrow

Who Am I...

Kate. Kate Sparrow.

Romantic Interests

Doesn't have any

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Slavery. Slavery was my childhood. More than half of my life I was a slave, but let me explain how I was put into slavery. I killed my sister. After having no one left to go to since she killed them all, I went exploring. I ran into vikings. Damn vikings kept me as a slave. 17 years I was a slave. Ten years a warrior. I am 27 now. So much more to tell, but not enough time. Maybe it shall all be revealed if we ever meet.

My Appearance

6 2′

Long, black hair


Lots of scars

Glowing tattoo starting from his neck and going down his left arm.


Unbreakable silver sword, dagger, spiritual bow.

My Secrets Are...

Mine. My secrets aren’t for you to know. They possess deep and powerful knowledge.

I Believe...

In nothing