Kate Sparrow

Who Am I...

Kate. Kate Sparrow. Alias: Sparrow, The Sparrow, Ghost Of The North.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...
  • Slavery was indeed my very own childhood. I killed my sister after she killed our…er…my bad..MY entire family. She was the last of my family though. I went searching for a place of refuge, but fate had different plans. Vikings took me as a slave. Well, more of a person to later be added to their family. 10 years I grew up with Vikings.  I spent those years after, and will continue to do so, as a warrior.

My Adult life was even more…complicated. At first, it was with ease. A simple life. Daughter. Wife. Land. Nothing more I could ask for, but again, fate had different plans. I couldn’t protect my family. My wife taken advantage of and killed. My daughter stolen from me. That past life drove me to stay alive. At least until I was forced to kill my own daughter. After that, I spent a few years hunting those who took her from me, but so many oaths kept me from getting my revenge. So many battles. So many deaths. So many external problems that have interferred with my revenge.

Ah…another problem. Turns out, my sister wasn’t dead. She had lived inside of my mind all those years. So, seeing how she wasn’t dead anymore, I figured out she wasn’t normal. She is…magical, I suppose. Me though? I’m as normal as the day I came into this world. I decided that this was just the first part of a warrior going crazy.  I fought, thinking that I was going crazy, but turns out, she was actually alive. She escaped my mind. We fought. She killed me, but wait….how is that possible you ask? I suppose the gods had plans for me. They brought me back(Or somebody else did. I don’t know, yet) and I killed my sister…again, and for good.

There on out, I thought that was the start of a simple life again. Nope, because life is a fucking bitch. Some people wanted me dead. That was the start of my very own war. It laste-Shit. I have to go. No time to explain. Shall we meet, I will finish this story.



My Appearance

6 2′

Long, black hair


Lots of scars




Unbreakable silver sword, steel sword, dagger, bow, poison arrows, and quite a bit of gold.

My Secrets Are...

Mine. My secrets aren’t for you to know. They possess deep and powerful knowledge.

I Believe...

No one should possess the power of magic. Magic consumes your humanity and it is a cheat in life. Even those who can control it, shouldn't because everyone bends at one point.