Abigail Skymoon

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**Character Info**

Orginal Full Name:

Aurora “Kathy” Pinkadow


DOB:August 5th

Species:Neko, Human


Magic:Light & Water

Weapon Of Choice:

The Trident Of Kathy

Who Am I...

Abigail The False Goddess Of Light & Water

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married To Nova Kit

My Story Is...

The Sugarcoating

Being Born to The Pinkadow Family is a curse depending on your generation,In The Beginning My Father was a very powerful man being able to manifest the godly power of Nightmares,As For My Mother she was a powerful woman with her mind and heart by being a 3 magic power holder.

With Power,Comes Great Responsibility

The Hier to this power was my older brother:Andrew who had the same powers as Alida but they would combine when he got the power of Nightmares which would make him a God Of Nightmares and Hellfire. 

The Cold and Corrupted Side 

Then One Day…I started only get to be with my Mother,Alida and My Little Baby Sis:Mikayla. While Andrew never got punished or scolded,he got spoiled with love from our father who was personally training him

The Neglection 

When me and Alida ask Dad to hangout with us,more often he started to Abusive hurt us, he always after that each night as he took in a bottle of champagne every night before coming to tuck me in,It only took him a few months before the rest of his colors shined through 

Not What It Seems

He finally got tired of Mom asking for a Dirvoce and murdered her right in front of us,Not before long Alida was protecting me and Mikayla from Andrew but my father had already thrown me over board by this point.

Trial & Error

So evenutally after managing to prevail 6 years and 2 months of floating on the Ocean,I arrived on the Shores of Persistence,where I stayed with a Adoption Agency for many months before running away with what little 11yr old Strengthen I had to find hope and love

Foster Homes

I met kind People on the shores from where I came from since i looked like a 8yr old.I found a Perfect family only 5yrs later

Jax and Emila

Because Of My Biogical Fathers actions,I started to like girls and I first met Jax Hunter who I was with for a year before there death and then Emila Sagestone

My Daughters-Celine and Lily

I was always one to Foster Home and Adopt kids,when I was allowed to start I was with Jax at the time. She was a Young 12yr old girl By The Name Of Celine who was my adopted daughter who had her own powers but couldn’t get pieces and then 6yrs later I now am with Emila and I have my Daughter Lily who’s magic is Sea & Absorbing which makes her rank 3rd in the strongest

Emila’s Sacrifice

When the void struck Hellifyno,My spouse fought the Ceatures so we could leave the world while my nephew stayed behind to fight against it. But Em lost her life saving her daughter even though that was a couple years ago

My Biogical Mother Returns

After along time we saved Rylie & Amelia who is my Aunt & Mom who came back to help fight the Post-Gemival War which was started by the God Of Nightmares who is my dad to be later slayed by my brother-Andrew

Meeting Nova Kit

Now I am enagaged to Nova and I have 2 step daughters,Celine has taken on the company & Lily has become the Clan’s Kitsune.

Adopting Yulia

With the Marriage Of Me and Nova,We decided to adopt a new kid who would allow Lily to take on Emila’s last name instead.

However I am still trying to get her off of Hellifyno

Death By Laughter,But Soul Relived

When Yulia was turned undead,I blamed myself for it like Jax and Emila.I then died of Traumatic Laughter which should’ve sent me into a comma but then she gave me half of her clip to relive me slowly over two weeks.

Now that I’m back,I legally changed my last name to my mother’s but not my children’s

My Appearance




Causal Clothes:

Dark Red Rose Shirt Navy Blue Jeans/Black Jacket Skirt Right White Sock & Magenta Black Shoes 

Clan Dress:

White/Blue Short Dress,Sky Blue Tights,Blue Knee High Socks,Hot Pink High Heels


Hageshi Clan Commucation Earrings

Spare Clothes (For Myself)

Mikayla’s Personalized Soul Keeper Blades

My Secrets Are...

A Mother should never have to bury a child’s other parent

I Believe...

Anyone can change only if they choose to let there uniqueness come out and there differences slide