Mayven A. Rose


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Full name: Mayven Amira Rose

Nicknames: May, Mave, Mavie, Kit-Kat, Gremlin.

Birthdate: March 4

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Blood type: O-

Age: 19

weight: 110 lbs

height: 5’5

Eye color: Blind in left eye, right eye sapphire.

Skin tone: Porcelain

tattoos: Snake going down her left forearm, snowflake above her ankle.

Piercings: Ears, bellybutton

Scars: Three claw mars on her right shoulder, panther bite marks on the right shoulder, knife scar across the stomach, long scratch going up her right calf.

Bust size: C cup

Hair color: Raven black

Sad when: Forgotten, Excluded.

Job: Journalist

Fears: Emotions, Being forgotten/left out.

Soft spot: Her biological parents, old friends, anything about her childhood.

Strengths: Small, flexible, adaptable, good with knives, a great liar

Weaknesses: Emotionally vulnerable,  awful immune system, physically weak

Biggest regrets: The last thing she said to her friend before he died was “I don’t need your help”, Almost killed her friend Nexmillion, Killed her own mother.

Birthplace: Hellifyno

Bad habits: Vaping, chewing fingernails, selfish, don’t ask for help.

talents: Wood carving, guitar playing,  writing, great aim.

Sexuality: Pansexual

Relationship status: Single

Biological mother: Clara Beckett

Biological father: Jason Cornel

Adoptive mother: Raven rose

Adoptive Father: Archen

Biological siblings: Elizabeth Beckett, Ethan Cornel

Grandmother: Amira Onyx

Grandfather: Unknown.

Pets. Giant mutant rat, unnamed, Pekin duck, Ducky, Silver teacup dragon, Hartwin.

Exes: Christian, Nathan, Jack, Kenzie, Kai, Florence.

Enemies:  Christian, Ravenna, Ethan

Allies: None

Who Am I...

Mayven Amira Rose

Romantic Interests

No one at the moment.

Relationship Status

single and ready to get nervous around anyone i find attractive

My Story Is...

Mayven was born into a middle class, strict, neglecting family. Her parents were drug addicts and abusive. Growing up she was not allowed to go outside and was even afraid to. Yes, they lived in a nice looking place, but it was ultimately a dangerous place. There was many criminals living there, including her own parents. May would often hear the echoes of screams outside. Almost twice a week. One by one, the houses on the street would go dark. Even her own. Mayven was three years old when she learned to cook. Every night she could microwave noodles or chicken for her sister. Every night May would lay on her twin sized mattress and stare out her window, wondering what it was like to touch grass, feel rays of sun. Mayven was four years old before she had ever gone outside.  It was the middle of winter the first time she had went outside. Her father found out and he locked her in her room for about three weeks starving her as a punishment. that happened to her regularly as Mayven was always a curious girl and her parents disciplined her for it. There was a monster that lived in Mayvens room.  The monster would crawl across her ceiling. The monster would be invisible to everyone but that did not make his claws any less sharp. The night May finally understood why people feared silence was the night her mother overdosed. May was six years old when she wandered into her mothers room to find just a limp, pale, lifeless body. Her father instead of being sad go angry. Angry with Mayven. He neglected her. Just ignored her. Locked her in her room. For good. Her sister would bring her food to make sure she could live. Two years after her mother died, may was still locked up, she saw flashing blue and red lights outside her window. She saw her sister crying shaking outside, her father being shoved in the back of a police car. That’s when she saw her opportunity. She banged on her window and shouted until firefighters axed open her door and she was saved. Later she learned her father was arrested and put into prison because of substance abuse and soul dealing. When her and her sister were separated and sent to different orphanages was when her curiosity died. Well it didn’t die it just faded. It was still there it was just shoved down and hidden. In the orphanage May was mistreated. People were constantly putting her down for being poor and an orphan. People she didn’t even know. People who didn’t even know what she had been through would shun and verbally abuse her. May had been thrown into and out of so many homes. She had been adopted 13 times before she was 10. No one wanted her. She ran away from the orphanage when she was 12. She lived on the street, stole, fought, and just turned into a bad, independent, street rat. No body loved her. No one. She had forgotten about her sister, stopped caring. The saddest thing was no one noticed how far she had actually gone. Physically and mentally. No one cared, no one wanted anything to do with her. Deep down she was scared. She felt scared and sad. She wanted to be loved and cared for. She met a doctor who suposedly could cure peoples sadness and make them loved. His name was Dc. Martin Mendel. He took May into his hospital, but he didn’t help her. He hurt her. He did test on her, took some of her power, even tried to kill her. She escaped that place just barley alive. He showed May what she really was. She wasn’t tough or strong. She was the weakest of everyone, she was just a scared little girl who put on a big act for everyone, but couldn’t even stand up for herself if she tried.

A year later her Ex-boyfriend Christian kidnapped and tortured her. She ended getting in another coma but she woke up on another planet where she met Theo, he was her mentor. He showed her around, taught her how to act. She fell in love with a boy. Kai. After a few years there Theo passes away from cancer, and kai left. She was 19, working at a club. The last time she saw Kai he walked into the bar and she was on a pole. She decided to leave that planet, ditch her look, become a journalist, and go back to Hellifyno. And the rest…Is happening right now.

My Secrets Are...

Are my secrets. And frankly none of your business.

I Believe...

I don't believe in anything really.