Ciaran Eynon

Who Am I...

Son of a hero, a queen, and an elder god. Brother to the righteous, the mad, and the insane.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

One horrific night, two brothers are cast as dice in opposing games. One is forced to incite a civil war of man, the other to become a twisted pawn of the gods. The bonds of family must prove unbreakable else the sons of destiny shall destroy all life. In the aftermath of oblivion, I am the son left behind.

My Appearance

Cropped, straight, auburn-hair with heterochromia eyes. The left an emerald green, the right: a golden yellow. A thin face, with sallow cheeks and a sharp jaw. I wear a robe made from scraps of my father’s cloak, as my sister wears one identical. I wear only a half mask, covering my mouth as my same sister wears one covering her upper face.

I am much taller than my siblings, my mother’s blood running strong through my veins. My full-blooded brother is closest in appearance, though he favors our mother more.


A small notebook filled with illegible scratches, charcoal, candles, salt.

My Secrets Are...

I am tainted by the elder god that nearly destroyed all existence, 27 years ago. My father entered the Aether to save both my mother’s and my souls from that monster. He was not quick enough. He sacrificed himself to save us all.

I Believe...

My father is still alive and can be saved.