Skye K. Vailson

Intro Video


Skye “Kira” Vailson

Lordress Of Nora Peninsula

My Birthday:May 8th


Powers: Asteroid & Ozone

Race:Demon, Dragon Girl

My Family

Widow:Nora Celesttina

Daughter:Esther S. Celesttina

Son:Jack Q. Vailson

Main Mother:Jax Vailson

Step-Dad:Valarus Bloodbane

Half-Sister:Vivian Bloodbane

Birth Mother:Skyler J. Yatsuki II

Half Sister:Stacie A. Yatsuki

Sister’s Spouse:Susan J. Skymoon



Half-Sister:Svylia O. Mystical

Grandmother:Lucy {Last Name Unknown}

Aunt:Bone Thornson {Last Name Assumed}

Cousin:Edna Thornson

Cousin Inn-Law:Vozhad Chirstina

2nd Cousin:Amara Chirstina

2nd Cousin:Angela Thornson



Who Am I...

Skye The Lordress Of Nora Peninsula

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Widiowed By Nora Q'Btuce

My Story Is...

Elder Child Of Skyler J. Yatsuki II and Jax Vailson, I grew up in Kathy Vailson’s home located in Ava’s Section in the Capital Of Cadzenziera.

I grew up there for many of my early days before my adolescent years, much of what my birth mother did was Sercet until I got traumaized by her punishing terrorists who attempted to attack which is when my Main Mother filed for dirvoce and pulled me away from being the hier.

When I first became a teen, my mother had taken me to a party who assisted me with forging the Warlock Light. Blade of Metal wrapped around a heavy source of light which binded to my powers.

When I turned Sixteen I meet my younger sister who I despartely tried to protect from void and then she took up Rule many years later with arranged partner.

I ran off to caps and found myself in a city called Elira, who I married the rulers Hier but she died in Battle..but our kids will take up rule one day and bring the glory Nora once wanted..I later moved my mother into the Village with whoever she’s with

My Appearance

~Appearance Of Skye~

Clothing:T-Shirt,V-Jacket,Jeans & Socks

Genetics:Green Eyes, Strawberry Pink Hair & 5’4ft

Extra:Short Hair,T.W.L Holder


~Contents Of Skye’s Stuff~

Weaponry:The Warlock Light [A Light Infused Longsword]

Extra:The District Bracket Commucations

My Secrets Are...

I struggled with PTSD at age of 7

I Believe...

Everything will evenutally fade and break