Kiari KnightShade

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the offspring of a monster.

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Although Kiari is mostly seen in her human form, her skin is pale and cold in reflection of the powers that are held dormant inside of her. She has long silver hair of which she prides herself in arranging in a variety of styles that she liked over the hundreds of years she roamed Earth as well as their fascinating design of jewelry. Her cheekbones are high and her jaw is slender when it is not clenched in frustration or out of pure habit. Long, thick black eyelashes surround the perimeter of her eyes and are often accompanied by a light amount of dark pigment. Piercings adorn her ears and a black hoop ring has recently adorned her right nostril that seemed to stand out like a sore thumb in contrast to her icy pale skin.










Height: 5’4

Physique: Kiari maintains an athletic form through rigorous and consistent training to keep her skills sharpened.

Personality: In contrast to her icy powers, Kiari has a big heart for not only those whom she consider close to her, but also to basically any living creature. She is loyal ’til the very end, though her unfiltered and snarky mouth usually lands her in a heap of trouble. Her goal is to defy her true nature in every possible way but also, she adores animals and creatures all the same. Bourbon is her choice of poison and she is fluent in the language of sarcasm/banter. This female is also stubborn as hell. If you think you have any chance of changing her mind or heart, your better off talking to a wall. 







The deadly drug, Elra, is the only way to slow down Korre. But it leaves it's mark changing eyes and hair to the color silver.




Her eyes shone silver with a dark grey circle that surrounded her iris. Kiari’s eyes were the embodiment of the statement: “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. They revealed her true emotions and intentions and when those emotions of hers spiraled out of control, her eyes had a tendency to glow when her powers made themselves present. Take it as a warning to run, if you will.



goddamn these marvel fuckers : Photo

Pictured on the right is the prime example of when Kiari’s demon form overpowers her most common human form. Her pupils dilate, and the whites of her eyes pump with her true demonic blood while her true form would make itself known and her powers while in her human form would pale in comparison to the monstrosity of what would this would bring. Prepared for unsaturated chaos.








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The Sword of Cocytus

The hilt of this sword would most often be seen resting on the arch of her right hip when empty. When engaging in combat, Kiari simply grasps the hilt of the sword to manifest its icy blade from the depths of hell in whatever form she desired. This picture represents the form of the sword that Kiari most commonly creates when in combat. It was forged from the waters of Lake Cocytus, the ninth layer of hell. 


ArtStation - Demon Dagger - Path Of Exile - Fan Recreation, Lucy Russell






Kiari never travels anywhere without her trusty dagger. Her skill lies strongest in distant combat for she faltered easily when in close quarters. But if she were to ever find herself in a close situation, the pain inflicted from the jagged edges of the dagger would be immense and could create chaos if thrusted into an important organ.





ArtStation - Ice Crown Citadel Inspired Dagger, Yili Tan










Another one of her daggers. She often throws this one, and it always seems to find its way back to her. When impaled in her opponent, her ice inserted through the gem in the middle of the hilt would spread within the victims body and spread an icy promise of death very quickly. Its victims would find their organs freezing from the inside out.




chicote de salazar, chicote criado apartir da arvore magica de salazar






Pictured on the left, you’ll find one of Kiari’s most recent additions to her weapon collection. She has a knack for unique weapons and has been practicing to master this icy whip of which would allow her to keep a safe distant from her opponents while still being able to inflict a painful amount of uncomfortable damage.

My Secrets Are...

none of your concern.

I Believe...

drinks solve everything.