*DM* Kida Le Morte

Who Am I...

I am the mother of Twine.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to Nayt. <3

My Story Is...


When i was young, a beautiful lady had found me in the forest, bloody and crying, when i looked up to her she looked like an angel, long white hair and glowing, sliver eyes. She took me in and raised her as her own. she taught me many things. As i grew up she was always there for me, she was my mother. Once i hit the age of 490, i died in a horrible accident, when i came to i was different, i was sweeter and kinder. at one point i was married and even had children, it was heaven and it was wonderful, but things changed and i have lost all, my son and my husband, and my daughter has disappeared, Now that i am 501, another accident happened and the scars came back to my body. i was returning to my old self. My memories of the past have returned. Even long before valno found me. During a mission, my soul awakened. bright and glowing. I am the mother of twine. protector of its people and loving warmth that keeps the city alive. As of recent events however, the urge to kill and harm is growing stronger within me. Its been a while since i fed on fresh meat and the scents from that foreign land are amazing and delicious. its hard to resist temptation. I try not to go Twine island unless absolutely necessary. I still have open work there though, providing homes and jobs for the people. But my house imp Trink handles most of the overview on each job.
With each day that passes, the old me returns. Fear and hatred from my past bubbles up, it wont be long before i am completely numb and insensitive to the world. As long as i have my mother i am happy. She is my only family now. During many wars of the past we survived together, because we have each other. The tavern will always be home to me.

My Appearance

Stand about 5’4 and weight 120lbs, i have pale, skin and my body is covered in scars but the largest one is on the center of my torso. it covers most of it. I have long purple hair, and my left eye is purple and my right eye is blue, thought when i need to feed they turn bloodshot and then black. My other form is that of a big 9ft tall, black wolf..thanks to recent event, i now have 2 sets of k-9s. Those that are my wolven ones and those that are my vampyric one ..i don’t wear shoes and my clothes are generally loose and flowing. most of the time i will have a cigarette in my hand or tucked in my clothes somewhere.

when i am in my goddess form, my whole body glows bright, it floats off the ground a little and my hair moves like it would in water, the light coming from my body is almost like sunlight, its warming and enlightening.



Tani: magic-infused katana that divides into two different katanas, one of fire and one of ice. Together they make a solid steel katana,


Margo: 9mm pistol that is tucked under my clothes with unlimited ammo.


Judas: 6ft even, god killing spear. Need more be spoken of it


Living gaia spear, 6ft even as well, healing properties to repell corruption, death and anything that is anti life.

My Secrets Are...

I have none.

I Believe...

that no matter what we do in this life we return new in the next.