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Hi, i’m Ki and my favorite Roleplay’s are ones to do with yaoi. I do all kinds of yaoi, but my favorite is Fantasy yaoi. If you don’t know what yaoi is then it only means two men are in love

Who Am I...

I'm an artist and I go to school and I roleplay

Romantic Interests

My character's will have romantic interests in the other character

My Story Is...

The story of my character’s differ though I do use one who name is ki and in some he can not talk so he communicates using sign language or he just talks.

My Appearance

My characters as I said differ but my original character, Ki that I use sometimes, has black hair that come just over his eyes, gold eyes and black wings and is a bit skinny. I myself is different. I have brown hair, eyes and I am quite chubby.



My Secrets Are...

Not going to tell of course!

I Believe...

To see aliens!

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