Who Am I...

Hash Calloway

Romantic Interests

no more officers daughters, thank you very much.

My Story Is...

A bard who just left a bad military campaign, taking time to write new material about it- but ready to strike out for a little income or variety, and anything, anything but field rations.

My Appearance

Mid thirties, human, Black wiry hair and a fair to middling beard. crows feet from smiles real and feigned, and a little shorter than average but stands very tall as to _almost_ look down on those he’s adressing. For effect, of course.


Flutes of various sizes, a buckler and rapier, a little gold, a little rope, and a reversible cloak. sewing and writing implements, and a LOT of spare hard cheeses. (Too many shepherds on the last campaign. Boring folk, but made great traveling cheeses)

My Secrets Are...

A distrust and fear of nature based magic. The other realms sure, fine, open a portal or raise the dead- but when magic imbues or alters the living world, it feels like something that shouldn’t be.

I Believe...

poorness is the easiest to catch disease and only costs all of the money you make in a lifetime to cure.