Tearlach MacBane

Intro Video

Who Am I...

The Subjugater of Hells, powered by subjugated Fiends and Infernals

Romantic Interests

Those who can give to him more power.

My Story Is...

Thagluran and his brother once came to Hellifyno to prove who is the better warlord. But during so many times of the planet exploding, falling to void, Olde Watch over reaction to things, they decided strength shared between them would be better than forces split and warring against each other. But now, there just stands Thagluran, alone and wizened by his experience. Thanks to Olde Watch at one point hitting the sun’s core with a heavy Anti-Magic Nuke, many hells were weakened, but Thagluran had the advantage of being gone at that time.

The chaos the warhead caused created an opportunity for the warlord. Many rivals weakened, Hellscapes shaken and blasted apart, it made Purgatory seem like a paradise instead of a land of angels and demons in a wild west wasteland.

Now he stands, Legions of Demons, Devils and other beings of hell behind him. The joy of Infinite Hells, the wars will never end, and his power will continue to grow.

My Appearance

He is a large, heavily armored man in his humanoid form, eyes glowing with hellish retribution. From his mouth of sharpened teeth his voice booms out, forked tongue usually dripping with saliva as he savors the thought of devouring the flesh and souls of those he sees. He takes up the guise of a mortal now only because dealing with them is easier when they see something familiar, even if strange.

(Monster form coming soon, as well as Regal Form)


His main equipment is his blade, a Soulforged abomination, crafted in the Soul Forge.

My Secrets Are...

Thagluran doesn’t actually understand what caused his brother to disappear, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t take up the opportunity to gain more power. Upon Hellifyno and a few other worlds, and some of the hells, he has Soul Forges built and made to help him arm himself and his most loyal followers.

I Believe...

The Hells are mine to control!