Bartholomew Treadaway

Intro Video


Other characters will be put as ‘profile’ or ‘character sheet’ blogs with slight blurbs about them.

(Notice: The force of Time Key has no connection to any form of existing armed force. The force is a fictitious creation, and any similarities to service members current or past is coincidence.)

Who Am I...

Time Key Commander

Relationship Status

Currently not in one

My Story Is...

Having served tours as special forces, and working alongside other Olde Watch forces, Treadaway has seen most of the planet. Jungles of the Southern Continent, the Archipelago, the Swamps, mountain ranges, deserts, and even time sent on expeditionary forces to other planets. The event however that stuck to him… Meeting Krieger on the moon base. Not the Krieger under control by the corrupted Senate… but the Drone of Order.

On that day, he learned what faith was.

He has taken many assignments since then, always ones to uphold and protect the city instead. When Franny went about her war campaign, he resigned at that time. Once the new elected government formed however he took his chance to join back in, and get started where he left off. Accepting position as the first commander of Time Key’s first ‘Shield Fortress’.

My Appearance

He is a rough looking man, despite keeping his hair and goatee well trimmed. Scars and marks of combat on his face. He wears his officer uniform in most situations, keeping it in immaculate condition. His dark blue uniform holds his old trophies. His left eye is missing from a helmet failure on an older mission. Refusing to get a cybernetic upgrade out of stubbornness, often stating “I took too long training that eye to be able to catch danger, don’t want to waste the time doing it all over.”


Like all troops in Time Key, he carries a pocketwatch with their crest. He always has a side arm at the ready for defense. In some cases he will have a full combat loadout when necessary.

My Secrets Are...

He has all knowledge of Time Key’s inner operations, including access to knowledge involving secret tests, and weapon systems. Just like any other secrets of his they would be taken to the grave. Like many Olde Watch citizens after Krieger’s ascension, he started to worship the God of Order, though mostly keeps his faith to himself.

I Believe...

"Order is an ideal that all must work forward to."