Who Am I...

Kimi Nawa – Aka – Kimitura Nawtashimi

Romantic Interests

Boys maybe girls if she’s drunk enough

My Story Is...

Kimi lost her twin brother when she was 17 to ship smugglers who kidnapped him. She joined a crew as a selfish endeavor in an attempt to find him, vitaly. (Developing character) Before the kidnap she used to be easy-going. Now she’s taken on a mean girl character that some people can see right through. If she lets them.

My Appearance

Body Build: Slim thick with a cute ass
Height: 5’2 (Small girl things)
Weight: 123 lbs
Skin colour: White
Hair style: Bed head in its finest form
Hair colour: pink
Eye colour: Minnies flower power bubble gum princess contacts (Real color is blue)
Distinguishing Features: Dimples, tongue piercing, nose ring, snake bites, and a lavender tree tattoo on her back.
Preferred Clothing: A birthday suit #freethenip


A pair of headphones, a skateboard, a handgun, and a pet snake named Xander.

My Secrets Are...

Being respond for the kidnap of her brother.

I Believe...

Love is fucked. Trust no one. If someone smacks you across the face smash him, on the other.