Lance Rimehalt

Intro Video


Full name: Lancelot Marcus Rimehalt
Birthplace: Glasgow Scotland
Age: 213 (human years)
Date of birth: Born January 5th 1805
Date of death: September 20th 1829
Specie: Witch (Formerly) Vampire (Currently)

Who Am I...

A vampire warlock

Romantic Interests

Men preferably

Relationship Status

Who wants to know?

My Appearance

This is what Lance can usually be seen wearing


A dagger with hilt made of dark metal, the blade a shard of black crystal with veins of red the pulse and glow a soft crimson red.

An amulet of silver with a gem cut in the shape of a cat’s eye.

My Secrets Are...

Magic is the true power, not armies, not crowns or kingdoms.

I Believe...

One day Caine will return and we cannot predict what the dark father will do to us his children.