Akira Ilyich

Who Am I...

Aki, Kira or… just Akira.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

The youngest of the Ilyich siblings at 21.


Akira was a handful for the family, wild and a trouble-maker. She’s cooled down a bit, though.. Not quite. She’s still a wild little thing, unable to be tamed. She’s social, and definitely a night owl. Of course, she’s definitely a grump in the early mornings – sometimes just mornings in general. 


Like all the Ilyich siblings/family, Akira possesses abilities. But, every member’s power is different. Her’s are mainly telekinesis and healing. 

My Appearance

Hair: Light brown, and wavy.


Eyes: A light brown, more of a honey-gold hue. 


Skin: Tan, sun-kissed with a flawless and smooth complexion. 


Body-type: Slender hour-glass.


Height: 5’2 – a shortie.