(I’m sort of new to roleplaying, but not to writing, so please, go easy on me if I make mistakes, I’ll try my best to keep paragraphs going in the chats when I’m in there, but I’m only human, and struggle for creativity sometimes. Thanks for understanding! <3)

(feel free to message me if you want to play me with me, or learn more about my character)

Who Am I...

Kitani Mitsu

My Story Is...

(Mitsu’s backstory is a work in progress, I only have vague outlines at the moment, please be patient!)

My Appearance

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A perfect balance between flexibility and strength: her armour is composed of laqured wood that covers most of the body with worn leather and cloth underneath. She wears a traditional kabuto, and her dull gray mempo is simplistic and covers the mouth and nose.



Katana. Though typically the reserve weapon of Samurai and Ronin, Mitsu owns no Odachi, meaning that she is left with the short-sword as her primary weapon.


Kunai (sho variation) Short Dagger(s) which Mitsu uses for throwing in short range, though in a pinch, they can be used for a swift stab.

Bow/Yumi (Hankyu variation) A short bow, about 1m long. It’s a bow, im not sure what more needs to be said.

My Secrets Are...

Mine to bear, though maybe you could help lift the burden in the future?

I Believe...

In Shinto