Kit Barnhart


Part of her shattered memories are the attack on the settlement where she was born.  She’s aware that she has a brother.  She remembers hearing her father being called Captain and her mother being called Doctor.  Anyone probing her mind will be aware that various techniques were used to turn her into a slave while she was still a child.  She was educated, but only to the advantage of the being called Exo, a ship manned by cyborg like creatures that use slaves to collect data.  Controlled by pain, Kitrey had still managed to defy her captures on several occasions.

Kitrey has seven stones embedded in her right wrist.  The stones are generally a light blue in color, and they pulse when touched.

The Exo


Originally designed as an intergalactic exploritory vessel, the ship was targeted by a race called the Abis.  The Abis built their society by conquest.  They outfitted the Exo with their superior technology and gave it a mixed crew of their own people and cyborgs created from conquered races.  The Exo targeted newly colonized planets, taking children and young adults and leaving the majority of adults dead or dying.   Kitrey was taken, but her brother Algernon was not and she has a few memories of him.  The Exo use their current slaves to gather information and to look for others to enslave.



Who Am I...

I owe you no explanation. It is you who must discover the truth

My Story Is...

Enigma Status

The past is gone.

There are new worlds to explore, new discoveries to make.


My Appearance

Just what you see


Her blue bag…which seems to hold everything…

My Secrets Are...

Find out for yourself….

I Believe...

Fear is not fatal