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Who Am I...

Amnesia Cortez

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My Story Is...

Being born a vampire, Amnesia grew up in a strict household. She wasn’t allowed out side or allowed to have many friends. She became a very reclusive person, staying in her room most of the time. At the age of 15, she was sent to boarding school but while there, found out her family had died due to vampire hunters. The rest of her teen years were spent with her laid back aunt who was an artist herself. She finished her schooling at home and graduated art school at age 22, spending the next 103 years as a tattoo artist in London.

My Appearance

Standing at 5’4, Amnesia looks like a stereotypical vampire. Long black hair and red eyes. Sharp teeth and a bit of a blood kink, she has it all. She is curvy, a large bust and cute hip dips. Covering her curved body is many many tattoos. She likes big sweatshirts and mom jeans and is usually seen wearing one. On some occasions she likes to wear frilly and vintage dresses.


A ring, a cracked to hell phone, and two bucks

My Secrets Are...

“A lot to unpack”

I Believe...

"there is no god >:("