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My Story Is...

So many years ago two babies were born. A set of twins, one male and the other female. The parents decided on the names Odysseus and Circe, after the Greek legend. But much to the ignorance of those babies, their family wouldn’t be normal in the slightest. The family lived with many others and they worshipped a God no one else could see. Drugs, rape, murder, all things two small children should not see. But Circe and Odysseus were shown that it wasn’t a bad thing. Of course, her brother believed this. He liked it. But every time Circe saw harm come to anyone, she would get a very sick stomach. Often when religious meetings would ensue, Circe would have to race out of there to vomit. At ten years old the twins were to be mentally sacrificed. Of course Odysseus wouldn’t mind. He would give his life for his Cult. His family. His sister. Anything to please their God. He was put under a gentle treatment. Circe wasn’t so lucky. Being a girl, she would be forced to carry children so they had to make sure she stayed. So she was blinded. During the ritual, she could not see, only hear. After that, it was Hell. Constant harassment and beatings. It wasn’t until she was 17 that she could finally run away. Leave everything behind and start a new life. But she always feels like something is watching her in her big house…

My Appearance

Circe is below average height. About 5’3. Her body curves like an hourglass. Curly silver hair rests almost down to her lower back. Her face is beautiful besides two dead blue eyes. Rosy cheeks and plump lips. Soft skin.


Flowers and a book in Braille

My Secrets Are...

“I lived in a cult for my entire life”

I Believe...

God is forever in us