Natalia Solo


Name: Natalia Kathryn Solo

Age: 324

Height: 5’2

Weight: 121 Lbs

Other Details: Natalia has long light brown hair that runs down her back. She has brown eyes and a button nose. She has a sharp jawline and a secret hidden tattoo of a phoenix on her shoulder. She has a large and nasty scar that runs down her back.


  • Natalia has mastered many fields of hand-to-hand combat. 
  • She is an extraordinary skilled gymnast, acrobat, and aerialist.
  • She is an expert with most weapons and vehicles.
  • Natalia is capable of lifting at least 500 lbs.
  • She is very connected with the force. She has many abilities involving it.
Romantic Interests

Ben Solo

Relationship Status

Married to Ben Solo

My Story Is...

When Natalia was 50, she had to learn how to use the abilities given to her by the Queen of the phoenixes. She was given the abilities of telekinesis and control of the elements. She eventually left her world in search of those who might need rescue. Along the way, she adopted many creatures who were abandoned or not treated fairly. She created her rift, which is a small pocket in space which is her own. That’s where she stores everything she owns, and that’s where she keeps her friends.

Natalia grew up in a family full of intelligent and quick thinkers. She was the second born of three. Her father left them before she was born, and her mother went missing when she was 62. She left the planet to seek refuge from the war that went on in it.


My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell my secrets?