Natalia Solo

Romantic Interests

Ben Solo

Relationship Status

Married to Ben Solo

My Story Is...

From a young age, Natalia was taught how to defend herself in even the toughest of situations. She was trained by the most powerful warriors, brought on missions with her father, and taught to kill. She was taught that love was not an option. Natalia was from a large planet in another realm. She was crowned Queen after the deaths of her parents when she turned 109 years old. She quickly became a cold and cruel ruler, and she broke under the pressure of having to rule over a nation of warriors during a time of war. She quickly found herself getting out of that situation by befriending a very particular Phoenix that went by the name of Haidia. Needing to escape, Natalia took the bird, and many of her useful belongings, and she began her journey.



Anything. Natalia could have anything hidden in her rift.


My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell my secrets?