Who Am I...

Well, My name is K.M! It stands for Krystal Moore by the way, just so no one gets confused or anything. But I'm an artist! I love to draw. People usually see me around with a sketchbook of some kind. I should probably mention my age too… So no one gets weird. I'm 16! So just a regular ol' teenager… (Not really… I'm secretly an angel in training and being trained by one of my angel friends.)

Romantic Interests

Romance? I'm asexual! But if you are curious about the like… Gay or straight… I guess bi?

Relationship Status

Single and proud!!

My Story Is...

I’m not to comfortable talking about it… But I guess I could give you some insight about me.


I was born right into adoption. I never got to meet my real parents. Some dude adopted me, but he wasn’t the best. He really did try though.


School is hard for me. I’m kinda a procrastinator, so any projects I had were hardly turned in on time. And the kids… Oh gosh, where do I begin… Let’s just say to all you adults… Being a teen is hard, and most other teens are annoying. It’s hard to avoid the conflict they bring y’know.


But I have friends that are always for me! I can always count on them for anything! They can help me defend myself against any of them!!


Especially my friend Alaina! She is an actual angel! And she trains me and teaches me all kinds of new things!!


But currently? I’m just trying to make it another day of school and life. It doesn’t sound to hard right?


Like I said before, I always have a sketch book with me. Doesn’t matter if it’s a big, or pocket sized one. I always got one! And of course a pencil or somethin’.


I can summon two swords at will too! Any time I get into big trouble, I can just use those! Watch out, I know how to fence!


I also always carry around a first aid kit. Reason being, I always get hurt. No matter where I am.

My Secrets Are...

One secret I have, Is that I’m an actual angel! Well… Angel in training. I died by being a bit to careless… And fell of a really high structure. I woke up to my friend Alaina telling me what happened and that I’m an angel now.


I couldn’t ever tell my dad though. It would break his heart that I’m not really alive anymore. So I still am just an average teenager! Just with… A few extra abilities.

I Believe...

You can be friends with anyone, alive or dead… human or not.