Who Am I...

I'm a security guard for Freddy Fazbears pizza. My age is 19 and Try to be as nice as I can, until you hurt someone I love.

Romantic Interests

Honestly, I dont really have time for it. Well, I also never really gave it the thought, so I am single…?

Relationship Status

Single right now.

My Story Is...

I was raised as a normal kid, but by the time I turned 18… Was a whole new ball game! I had to find work and the only place I found was Freddy’s. I had only been working a few weeks in and, well, by then I relized the animatronics were possesed by kids… But they actually started to be nice to me! Who new my best friend would be a golden bear animatronic?! But wh, friendship is friendship.


I usualy have a tazer on me, incase the animatronics get wonky. But I will use it on others if I hafe to.

My Secrets Are...

I secretly snuck Golden Freddy to my house once… no one knows… yet…

I Believe...

You can be friends with anyone, alive or dead.