Who Am I...

If ya couldn't tell, My name is K.M. Well, It stands for Katrina Myers… but that is a different story! Anyways… I'm not the nicest person. I tend to lash out on people. That probably explains why I don't have any friends. I'm nineteen, and I am so flippin' glad I am outta high school! Yes, I already got a job! I work at as a security guard. The pay ain't the best, but beggers can't be choosers. I'm not really that tall too, I almost didn't get my job! I'm 'bout 5'6. Haha… I don't have any family, and honestly, I would not like to talk about it. So don't get any ideas. I really do try to make friends! But, I guess I am ta bit harsh to them. By the way, I am trained in self defence. I think that can explain itself. I really don't know what else to really tell y'all 'bout, without getting mad and stuff, so yeah.

Romantic Interests

Romantic intrests?! Who has time for that stuff? Gross!!

Relationship Status

Single and proud!!

My Story Is...

Ugh… fine, I’ll tell you a bit of my past… but not that much, alright?!

I nevr knew my real parents, so I was taken in by this rich family so they could look good. Let’s just say that growing up was hell. I got the security job that I am in now when I was seventeen, so I have been there for awhile. I am just glad that that is all behind me.


Alright… I know I probably don’t seem like the type, but I love to draw, so I always have a writing object with me… and a pad of paper. I also have a pocket knife on me as well. I am saving up for a good pistol. My work provided me with a tazer, so I use that a lot, and it kicks butt!

My Secrets Are...

Well, If I had secrets, why would I tell ya, right? I’m a girl of secrets.

I Believe...

You can be friends with anyone, alive or dead… human or not.