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I am a freeform to semi-lit roleplayer who tries to match their style with that of their partners. to know about my character just as for a bio

Who Am I...

a female roleplayer who does loli voices on omegle

Romantic Interests

gentlemen, bad boys, shy guys, emos

My Story Is...

i dont have a father and i hate my mother, so the mentioning of parents is uncomfortable for me, even in rp

My Appearance

i have short pink hair, i wear baggy hoodies, shorts, and knee high convers with stripped tights. i have white mouse ears and tail along with pale skin, freckles, and yellow eyes. i stand at 4’11” and my rp age ranges from 17-23


shes magic and can make anything appear out of nowhere so….infinity?

My Secrets Are...

shes terrified of the dark but doesnt want people to know

I Believe...

in magic! (and true love)

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