Emilia Van Durst

My Story Is...

The Bastard daughter of Sir William Van Durst. Emilia was left with her dying mother to take care off. As she got older her mother quickly soon passed away leaving her alone on the streets.


One day she was attacked by a group of guards after she stool some food. They had cornered her in an alley they beat her bloody and left her for dead. That’s when a man appeared before her. He offered her to learn under him. She spent the next 10 years training under him. Before she was ready to go out on her own

He allowed her to head out on her own ready for the world. she began her new life of a pickpocket and thief stealing things from out from under the noses of those around the city.

one night a voice called out to her asking her if she wanted to see more of the world. agreeing suddenly it felt as if someone has reached into her skull wrapping there fingers around her eyes. causing her to pass out. upon awaking in the middle of the night it was odd she could see perfectly fine as tho it was the middle of the day.