Kozoro of Capricorn


Name : Kozoro

Nickname : Mistress of Time

Age : 20

Current birthdate : 15th January 2180

Brothers : Beran of Aries, Bliz of Gemini, Leïv of Leo, Vahy of Libra, Sterel of Sagittarius, Vodnar of Aquarius

Sisters : Byka of Taurus, Enci of Gemini, Rakovina of Cancer, Panna of Virgo, Styr of Scorpio, Ryby of Pisces

Father : Ophiuchus of Serpentarius

Main power : Time






Deneb Algedi : Kozoro’s ultimate skill. Dozens of diamond-maded hourglasses surround her and create a particularly cold protective field. When returned, the thousands of crystals that each contains resonate and cause earthquakes of unimaginable power as a warning sign. The hourglasses then begin to spin around Kozoro at high speed and collide with each other to break up and create a shock wave that freezes anything touched by a crystal for miles. Only Kozoro is spared thanks to her cold protective field.


Dabih : Kozoro locks her opponent in a gigantic titanium hourglass. If she doesn’t cancel her attack or if her enemy fails to break the hourglass from within, he’ll die at a time smothered, frozen and scarified by the ice crystals falling on him.


Algedi : Kozoro can freeze people or objects in Time during 1 minute. Without any weapon, she can freeze up to 10 targets. With Nashira, she can freeze a complete large area. With Alshat, she can freeze and unfreeze the whole world at her will.





Inverze : Kozoro can, for a minute, reverse the Time of a person, an object or even an entire area. The affected subject will become old if he’s young, by his physical or his abilities or both, and vice versa.


Smireni : At their death, if Kozoro desires so, the soul of her opponents turns into an ice crystal and she locks it in her hourglass. Thus, the cold and suffering inflicted when she uses her powers becomes their eternal punishment for their crimes.


Darek Casu : Kozoro can absorb the Time of her opponent to increase her own, which causes his death if she steals it completely. The Incarnation of Capricorn is the only one to have the possibility of being almost immortal thanks to this technique. However, Kozoro herself is disgusted by this barbarism and refuses to use it.


Stit : Kozoro creates a temporal shield around her, stopping Time on a thin surface. Nothing goes through Time, so it’s the best protection. The only negative point is that she can’t get out or move with it. When she puts it in place, she must stay on the spot.





Zpatecni : Kozoro can go back in Time, which is useful in a fight that seems lost. But to do this, she must sacrifice her life expectancy. The more she sacrifices, the further she can go back. If she ever exceeds this expectancy in a Time hopping, her body will break like a porcelain doll and will fall to dust.


Vyber : A real kill. Kozoro asks her opponent to “choose between the Past and the Future”. If he chooses the Past, he will rejuvenate until he no longer exists. If he chooses the Future, he will age until he falls to dust. If he chooses nothing, Kozoro can quite do it in his place.


Videni : Kozoro can for a minute observe a vision of the Past or the Future according to the hourglass used.


Oprava : This technique is similar to Inverze, but the effect is definitive and can’t be changed. This skill is usually used to heal wounds or repair items and destroyed places as long as there’s a trace left.

Who Am I...

The Capricorn constellation embodied.

Romantic Interests

Beran of Aries only, although she's bisexual in this life.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Kozoro is an Incarnation, a constellation that came to life thanks to the power of the Universe. The purpose of her existence is to feed through her powers a barrier surrounding the Universe, to protect it against the Nothingness, a kind of dark twin anihilating everything it touches.


Kozoro is the 4th Incarnation of Capricorn, and she was once the most beloved and venerated by humans, who named her kind Star Gods. Her qualities were such that she was even said to be Ophiuchus’s favorite “daughter”. She was a woman of love, despising violence.


However, one night, the constellation of Capricorn disappeared from the sky, a proof of death, and she has never been seen again by her fellows or humans for nearly 500 years. While Humanity had mysteriously forgotten the existence of its Gods, the latter denied their sister because she tried to murder their father, who would have been forced to kill her to defend himself. But the truth is different…


Loving Humanity above all else, she vehemently opposed Ophiuchus, yet wise and good, who wanted to use her temporal powers to destroy humans. Faced with her obstinacy, he tried to force her by torturing her, fusing her with an ancient machine created to extract her power. The experiment ended tragically, inflicting such wounds on her that she ended up paraplegic. But thanks to the complicity of her “brothers” Sterel and Beran, she managed to escape the stellar worlds and died on Earth, the only place where a Star God can’t reborn as a divine being but as a human.


500 years later, she’s an orphan student unaware of her true nature, until she’s found and awakened by Klade, a Serpentis Priest, a human elite linked to Ophiuchus of Serpentarius. Because of this bond and bad memories, Kozoro is wary of him, but finally has no choice but to join forces with him to regain her powers, which she no longer manages to use after so many time.


Yet, she need them to come back home, first to prevent the barrier from becoming weaker as she’s trapped on Earth outside of her jurisdictional time, second to be able to confront her father with his crimes since he’s now a threat for the Universe.

My Appearance

Hair : Brown, long, thick, wavy
Eyes : Silver
Skin : Extremely pale
Heigth : 5′ 5”
Weigth : 132 Ibs


Clothes :


  A dress whose top is a soft, light brown fur adorned with silver, and bottom is a long, flowing blue and green skirt adorned with esmeralds.

  A silver crown forming two long curved horns.


Other details :


  Her fingers are made of stone.
  She has black marks of her cheeks, the proof of her divinity.
  Her whole back is covered with burns and scars.


  Nashira, a large silver hourglass that she can summon anytime to use the powers sealed in it.

  Alshat, two large golden hourglasses that she can only summon for a short time to use the powers sealed in them.

My Secrets Are...

  She willingly hide to her allies that when the war will be over, she’ll have to sacrifice herself and let her own soul be devoured and corrupted by evil, because it’s the only way to allow Klade to become the new God of Serpentarius.

–   She had 15 previous lives.

  The scars on her back inflict an awful pain on her when she use her powers too much, and because they’re due to her own father, she could die of it.

  She’s sterile.

  She has no natural need : it’s not vital for her to sleep, drink or eat. It can even be harmful to her. Her internal organs, with the exception of the lungs and the heart, are inoperative, or even in some cases non-existent, because it’s possible for her to born without.

  She has 1000 years of life expectancy. When she die, she can reborn during the Capricorn period. She has the same body and the same powers, but her past memories and feelings are erased and her personality changed.

  She can only be killed only by another Incarnation. Nothing that doesn’t come from a divine hand can hurt her, even what can kill a human.

  She’s imune to cold and sickness.

I Believe...

That patience and perseverance are the best allies of Time.